Anxiety + all the printing + outta here!

I was starving after our run yesterday…I bet I inhaled this plate of deliciousness in less than 10 minutes. 
I wanted to print my dissertation off because I need a paper copy to take with me, but I knew I would go through an entire cartridge of ink if I did it at home. Then I remembered I have an allotted amount of printing that I always forget about on campus here in town since I teach for the university. I get a certain amount of printing paid for every semester and I always forget to use it. So, I headed to campus!
It was weird printing this off. I know it’s not finished yet, I’ll have edits after I defend, but dang. It’s getting closer and closer! Also, this was a lot of paper…
Lunch time – tilapia, green beans, sliced carrots, brown rice, and a Paleo pumpkin muffin. 
Break from work = Epsom soak. We officially used up our bag of Epsom salt. Sad day. I ordered a 50 pound bag, so that should be delivered tomorrow. 
More computer work, then a snack – protein shake, banana, and a T of PB. Weird fact about me, I like my bananas a little green. It was really hard for me to eat this banana…
Sometimes you need a change of scenery…I took all my stuff out to our shop and watched some videos about dissertation presentations. My girlfriend, Katie, came over and we sat in the shop while sipping on a beer. It was nice to take a little break from work and get caught up with her. 
Jake got together with some of the guys he’ll be racing with last night, so I had leftover pizza and salad for dinner, then I got back to working on my presentation. My. Brain. Is. Fried. Currently questioning every single thing I’ve ever written…did I even conduct my study well? Who knows. I am SO ready for this defense to be over. 
Then I spent the rest of the night working. : ) HELP. I labeled my chapters so I can flip to them easily. All the nerves and anxiety right now. I haven’t been sleeping very well, I just can’t seem to get my brain to shut off. I’m not trying to sound whiny, just sharing my thoughts! I know this is all part of the process. 
Lu slept with her face shoved in a blanket, so she gets me. 
Then it was up to run! I’ve been trying to do a better job of warming up before runs. I’m definitely not where I need to be in this area, but I’m getting better! I need to focus on more dynamic stretching. After I graduate, I’m going to really study that aspect of training. It’s something I don’t know enough about. Also, coffee and stretching? Yes, please.
It was 48 degrees when we started our run! This is my favorite running weather. My ears always get cold first, so buffs are my best friend during fall/winter months. 
Neither of us took our phones with us on our run, but we met Kayla and did a tempo workout with her. Pretend she’s in this picture with us. It was a beautiful morning for a run. 
Lu took a break from sprinting through the cold, wet grass to take a picture with her parents. She wasn’t super happy about it.
We head to Columbia later today, so wish me luck! GULP. I’m not sure when/if I’ll get a post up tomorrow – if I don’t, you’ll hear from me Monday! 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. rebecca sudja

    Is your hubs running Arkansas Traveller?? A couple of my best running gals will be there! I am super sad to have to miss it!
    Oh, and this is my favorite running weather! Buff, long sleeves, and shorts make me happy!

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Rebecca!
      He is running Arkansas Traveller!! How fun. Tell your friends to look out for us! Wish you were going to be there.
      Girl, I am right there with ya! That’s exactly what I wore this morning and it’s PERFECT!
      Have a great day!

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