I think I need another hobby + bad runs + change of scenery!

Welp, after my brutally awful 10 miles, I came home and made myself a massive breakfast taco. It was everything I could’ve ever hoped for – mushrooms, onions, spinach, eggs, and cheese. Mmmm. Oh, and ALL the hot sauce.
After breakfast, I got caught up on ALL grading. Guys, that’s huge. I’m teaching four online classes this semester and it’s been a little nuts trying to keep up with grading. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but dang, grading is rough. Even though I teach for two different universities, the courses I’m teaching right now are super similar, so some of the assignments contain the same requirements. Being dumb, I assigned the biggest reading assessment (10-15 pages) in BOTH classes within two weeks of each other. Spanning the same time as my defense. Dumb dumb dumb. So, that was mildly stressful last week as I was trying to prepare for my defense and get timely feedback on these massive assignments. BUT, all is well! I’m caught up and now can be grade free for a few days. After all the grading, I got some much needed love from my girl. She likes to lay her head on top of yours. Sometimes you can’t breathe, but it’s sweet, so I don’t move. Worth it.
Lunch was the same thing again – cod, brown rice, cauliflower, peas, and carrots. I added a little cheese, too. I’m kind of sick of this lunch. I might do chicken next week. 
Sometimes you need to do some strength work, but you also really need to watch Parks and Rec. I know it’s not ideal and people will tell me I need to be focused on my strength moves, but yesterday, Parks and Rec won. Anyone else workout in their kitchen?
I’ve been sitting around a lot lately, so I need to find something to do. We were going to start remodeling, but we aren’t sure where I will get a job, so we don’t want to start anything until we know where we will be. I’m in this weird limbo stage right now and I don’t like it! At least I have these online classes to keep me busy. I’ll find something else…hopefully. 

Favorite snack after I mowed our yard.

This picture was from earlier in the day – about to finish my last piece of grading. That felt good!
Dinner was leftovers. I made brussels with Italian dressing last night and they were super good! I just roasted the halved veggies at 400 for 30 minutes with Italian dressing and garlic powder. I stirred them once. So simple!
Sriracha makes everything better. Can someone eat too much hot sauce? Asking for a friend.
Always with the toy in the bath tub…
I am obsessed with scents. I always have been. I love having matching body soap and lotion. This is my current one. It’s so clean smelling and very refreshing.
This video is hilarious. I cannot stop watching it. I gave Lu her heart-worm medicine yesterday and she would not stop playing with it. 

My alarm went off at 4AM, so I got up, grabbed some coffee, answered some emails, made a playlist, and headed to the Y. After my rough runs this week, I needed a change of scenery. I’ve tried to get all of my workouts/long runs out of the way so I can focus on Jake this weekend (he has a hundred mile race in Arkansas), which might also be why I’m feeling off – not the best way to train, but sometimes you need to just get it in. I had some speed work to do today, and since I’d been struggling all week, I thought the treadmill might be a nice change. I made the below playlist (I played it in order) and it was perfect for my workout! I always add a few extra songs in case I want to skip something. My workout stared halfway through Written in the Sand, so I just skipped to the next and got started on speed. 
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on when I started my run. Talk about a blast from the past!
The treadmills at the Y have a 60-minute limit, so they shut off after an hour. I restarted the treadmill after my 2 warm-up miles. I still barely got the other 7 in before I ran out of time. Nothing like finishing a workout with 23 seconds left on your time. 
My workout looked like this: 2 mile WU @ 9:13, 2 miles @ 8:34, 2 miles @ 8:27, 2 miles @ 8:20, 1 mile CD @ 8:41. I got a total of 9 miles in @ 8:32. I still felt a little off, but this run was WAY better than my other runs this week. I was happy with it!
I was freaking out about 9 pages?! Imagine if I would’ve known 8 years ago that I’d write a 200+ page dissertation. 
After my run, I stretched, then it was home to have breakfast with Jake. More breakfast tacos! 
We leave tomorrow for Jake’s race, so send some positive vibes his way! I’m not sure if I’ll get a post up tomorrow – we will see how things go! If I don’t get to ‘talk’ to you, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Is anyone racing? Let me know! Good luck and kick butt! 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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