Back-to-back workouts + acid reflux + sweet baby cuddles!

Jake and I both slept in again until about 7 yesterday. That has been super nice! I needed to get another workout run in, so I had a waffle and answered emails before I headed out. We are helping with a race this weekend, so I moved some of my runs around again. I’ll do my long run on Friday and maybe attempt a little shake-out on Saturday. Because of this, I had two workouts back-to-back. One was speed work and one was hill wok. Yesterday was my hill work. 
Jake got me these socks last week. I told you about the ones that Jake got for himself that were a size too small because he ordered my size. He gave them to me to try and I was obsessed. They’re super tall, but I didn’t even notice and I loved running in them. I am a huge fan of no-show socks, like these in the picture, so I was excited to try them out yesterday. WOW. They are SO comfortable. I have always worn Feetures, but I think these might be my new favorites. We will see! 
Man, yesterday got warm! I thought I would be fine not taking water with me, but I was wrong. I had a 9 mile WU, hill workout, and CD, so I normally wouldn’t take water. My last mile of hill repeats was brutal and I was SO thirsty. I managed to get it finished and start my CD back home. I stopped at a gas station on the way to drink out of the sink. I love water, but it seems to taste even better after a hot, hard run. My acid reflux was pretty terrible yesterday. I think I had too much coffee before my run. I struggle with this when I run later in the morning. My favorite part of the day is the morning. And I like the morning so much because I have coffee….soooo, I need to either get back to running super early or limit myself on coffee. I’d rather run early! Maybe I’ll get back to that next week…I’m enjoying sleeping in while I can, before I have to be up for a job. 
Last hill workout of this training cycle = donezooooo! Less than a month til race day!
I made the biggest smoothie ever after my run. It was delicious. 
I did some meal prep and computer work until lunch time, then I had chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower. I love fish, but I needed a break from it this week. 
I added a little BBQ sauce to my chicken and devoured this bowl of goodness. 
Someone needed a bath…she also desperately needs a haircut. I will make an appointment for her TODAY. 
I spent the rest of the day unpacking from the weekend, finishing laundry, and catching up on emails and the classes I’m teaching. Jake had a meeting last night, so Lu and I cooked dinner, knocked out more computer work, and relaxed. Dinner was sesame chicken, my favorite brussles, and a pretzel roll. YUM. 
I ate the roll and decided I needed Sriracha. 
Cookies for dessert! These are seriously so good. The recipe is HERE
Annemarie sent these pictures of us loving on Easton. How precious is he??? He’s such a little chunk. I love it. 
I’ve got a pretty easy day today, which is weird! I’m still not used to being finished with school. I have a few hours of computer stuff I would like to get finished, but that’s really about it. Jake keeps telling me to enjoy this down time, so that’s what I’m going to do! Lu and I are going to relax. I need to get a strength workout in, so I’ll do that later this afternoon. 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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