A good workout + new shoes – should I wear them for my race? + this week is flying!

We had some eggs and veggies to eat up, so I didn’t prep breakfast until yesterday morning. I made Jake an egg and veggie burrito before he left for work, then I threw together an egg casserole with broccoli, meatless veggie sausage (which is my all-time favorite) and goat cheese. It turned out super good!
I worked until it was finished cooking, then I had a piece of the casserole and a waffle. 
When your dog wants to sleep under then bed but you really want to cuddle with her…compromise. 
I knocked out lots of computer work for my classes yesterday (grading, planning, etc.), then took a lunch break. I finished up leftovers from the other night. I’m serious…I could eat these brussels every single day. I cook them with balsamic vinegar and honey. They’re SO good. 
I haven’t been as consistent as I would like with strength training, but I’m determined to be more disciplined from now until my race (November 4th). I knocked out this workout yesterday. It was a good one! I’m definitely a little sore. I’m not using heavy weights right now, so hopefully I’m not sore after a few times of consistent lifting. Strength work is SO important for runners. I think it really aids in injury-free running. I know for me, that is definitely the case. I used to just run – no strength training, no stretching. Nada. I think that’s why it has taken me SO long to get a full marathon under my belt. I signed up and attempted to train for a full three or four different times. Each time, I ended up injured and dropped to the half. Not this time! I am ready. And keeping up with the non-running things is going to keep me healthy AND running. 
This workout was only 45 minutes, but I was drenched! It’s hard to see in this picture, but my shirt was soaked. 
Post workout = BCAAs and yogurt with collagen. That coffee yogurt is still my favorite. 
Best day ever!!! My new Altras came! How sweet are these Torins? I’ve been running in Torins for over two years now. They’re one of my favorite road shoes (I also like the Paradigm and Escalante – both Altras, too). I might wear this pair for my full…I haven’t decided yet. 
Stretching with Lu before we ran a few errands. 
Living her best life. Lu ran a few errands with me yesterday. We went through the car wash and she loved it. She wanted to get out and play with the guys working so badly. They were all waving at her – it was cute. 
I was so tired yesterday, so I had a Zevia with caffeine in the afternoon. I used my Drury Cattle Ranch koozie – thanks, Mitch! 
We headed to a friend’s house for a little get together for dinner. It was a blast and I failed to take any pictures except of my food. 
After the dinner get together, we met another friend (Vanessa – the one who owns the company we rep for – Ames Adventure Outfitters) for a drink. Brandi showed up, too! It was SO nice getting to catch up with everyone. Again, I failed to get a picture once they met up with us. I’m off my game! I did manage to get some of my Top 10 hundo racer and myself. 
I don’t really know what I have going on today – I don’t thi
nk that has happened in YEARS. Soooo, we will see how my day goes! ; ) I have a super easy run later, so I’m going to knock that out before I eat lunch. I’m excited to run in this chilly weather we are having! I love winter running. Running in the snow is my favorite, so I can’t wait for that! 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Becky

    Hi from Michigan! I’ve commented a few times before. I wanted to say huge congrats to you and Jake for the gigantic accomplishments you have achieved these last few weeks! I can’t imagine finishing your degree and Jake racing a 100 miler. You two are very inspiring!!
    My sister and I ran the Frankenmuth half marathon last weekend. I was recovering from a nasty shin splint, and it was her first race after having her 3rd baby 7 months ago. We ran for 2 hours for peace and quiet away from our kids! Ha
    I wanted to say I made your pumpkin cookies last night as a baking lesson for my kids. So good!! I noticed today the recipe says baking powder but your picture has baking soda. Mine turned out great so maybe it doesn’t make a lot of difference?
    Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated , and inspired from many states away. Thank you!

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