These shoes ROCK + last long run + fun weekend plans!

When we did our landscaping, we got three bushes of Dragon’s Breath. They are the coolest looking plants! Buuuut, we had no idea how big they were going to get…they have taken over our front landscaping! I love it, so I’m not upset about it, but we are going to have to replant some of them somewhere else.
I usually put a lot of veggies in my egg casserole, but this time, I only did broccoli. I’m loving it! Also, I can’t stop with these waffles.
It’s buff weather, friends!!! I LOVE cold running weather. If I could love in shorts and a long-sleeved shirt forever, I’d be ecstatic.
I took Lu for a little bit of a warm-up. She sure loves to run.
Does anyone else have a little dog that loves to run?? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a small dog run like Lu does. It cracks me up. Her longest run is 5 miles. I’m sure she would go longer, but I never know how far to let her go.
It was a beautiful afternoon for some aerobic miles. I have never taken my slow miles seriously until this training cycle. I have come to realize how important they are and I look forward to my easy runs each week. I wore my new Torins and they were awesome! I got 6 easy miles in them. 
I can’t decide if the Country Ranch Nut-Thins are my favorite or if the Pepper Jack are…life is full of hard choices. ; )
Back at our work spots! But we may or may not have been watching Friday Night Lights. I had forgotten about that show. Thank you, Katie, for the reminder. I’m hooked. Again. I think I cried three different times yesterday while watching.
I took a break to mow the yard.
Lu helped.
This Chobani is delicious, too. Basically, if it tastes like a dessert or coffee, I’m going to love it.
Long run prep!
Dinner consisted of allllll the carbs. We had sesame chicken, salad, sweet potato noodles, garlic bread, and Banza pasta. YUM.
Then is was up at 4AM to get in my last long run of this training cycle. Pre-run fuel = two waffles.
Jake gave me these arm warmers because they’re too small for him. I finally got to wear them this morning! It was cold and rainy. 
I didn’t realize how much I matched…ha! Lu is hunting in the background. She does this most of the day.
This guy. Husband of the year. Not only did he get up at 4 to ride his bike with me while I ran, but it was cold. And raining. He’s the best!!!! Jake rode 12 of my 18 miles with me. He made the miles fly by and I am so thankful for him!
Man, that run felt good! There were times that didn’t feel great, but as a whole, I’m pleased with how it went! I had 8 miles easy, 8 at marathon pace, and 2 cool-down. I wanted to keep my marathon pace miles between 8:35-8:45.
Here are my marathon pace miles. The first two were a little slower than I wanted but once I hit about an 8:30, I felt like I was cruising – I didn’t feel like I was pushing it. My legs felt pretty happy at that pace. I have done this workout before, so I’m going to look back at my past paces and see if I’ve improved. I know I felt better this time around, so that’s good!
We have a fun dinner with my parents tonight, so I’ll post all about that on Monday! We are helping with a trail race Saturday, then we have a wedding that night. We are excited for a fun weekend at home!
Happy Friday, friends!

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