Weekend Wrap-up!

Wow, this weekend flew by. Jake and I sat down at our kitchen table last night to work on a few things and couldn’t believe it was already Sunday. Time just keeps going by faster and faster. Friday morning I knocked out my last long run for this training cycle. Jake got up and rode his bike with me for 12 of my 18 miles, which I very much appreciated. It was rainy and cold…he’s the best! He left me to finish up my run so he could head to work. I spent most of the day in bed just relaxing. It was SO nice. I couldn’t get warm after my run, so I put on all the sweats I could find and crawled under multiple blankets. It felt so good. I also enjoyed breakfast casserole in bed. I sent this picture to Jake while he was at work lol.
I planned on taking a nap, but just couldn’t fall sleep, so I ran some errands and then met Kayla for coffee. I stole one of Jake’s Altra jackets to wear because it was still pretty chilly.
I was starving when I met Kayla, so I had a delicious blueberry muffin. Marathon training makes you hungry, that’s for sure!
Any Office fans out there? This made my day and gave me a good laugh.
More bed cuddles. I started watching Friday Night Lights again last week, so I think Lu and I watched 5 or 6 episodes…Jake told me to enjoy my time off, so that’s just what I’m going to do!
Lunch was eaten in bed, too.
When your girlfriend sends you a picture of the hoody she’s wearing…and you’re wearing the same one. Great minds think alike!
Biggest let-down on the day – that brownie. I post about the Nature’s Bakery fig bars that I LOVE. When I saw they made a brownie, I was stoked. I took one bite and threw it away. I didn’t like it at all. But that beef jerky was delicious.
Anyone else communicate with their significant other through memes?
For Christmas last year, we got my parents dinner tickets to Green Thicket Farms. If you haven’t been, GO! It’s a blast and the food is incredible. Things have been so crazy busy, that we were FINALLY able to match up our schedules and go to dinner last Friday night. We had so much fun. All the food is local, if it’s not grown/raised on their farm! You can read more about it HERE

It was a plaid and/or vest kinda night. HA!

They always start out with the most delicious bread.
Then we had broccolini with goat cheese. SO good.
The next course was sweet potatoes and duck (I think) gravy. It was incredible.
This course was probably my favorite (other than dessert). Sweet potato ravioli! Yum. And that green plant is a sweet potato vine. Everything was so so good.
Oh, I forgot about this! This biscuit was to die for. Probably the best biscuit I’ve ever had. This was a rabbit and dumplings dish. It was amazing.
Dessert was heavenly – a carrot cake base topped with cheese cake. It was wonderful.
Lu was sleeping in the bathroom when we got home. She loves this rug!
Then it was up early (super early for Jake) to go help with a trail run at Two Rivers. Jake worked and I volunteered for the AdventureMax 10k and half marathon. We usually run this race, but since Jake is still recovering and I’m three weeks out from my full, we decided to just help. We love this race! I helped with registration, which is always a blast. Here’s the race set-up about an hour before things got started.
It was a COLD day! Lots and lots of athletes showed up to run!
I was all bundled up, trying to stay warm.
I never go anywhere without at least one snack. I get hangry very easily. Ask Jake.
After both races got started, I helped write bib numbers down as people finished. Watching a race finish is one of my favorite things.
If we aren’t running, we want to be helping! We love Ultramax races. They do such an awesome job.
So proud of these two!!! Both got first in their age groups! Boom. Power couple.

I left after the race finished, but Jake stayed to clean everything up. I got home, heated up leftovers, and crawled into bed. I couldn’t get warm!
I got some cuddles from this furball.
I made the mistake of getting up and she took over my spot. She is getting a hair cut. ASAP. 
Jake got home from working the race and we headed to a wedding! I sipped on a Truly before we left. 
Congratulations, Kimberly and Mike!!!! I knew Kimberly before Jake and I started dating…turns out, they’re cousins! It’s a small world, huh? I’m so glad I get to be related to her forever! 
She was such a gorgeous bride!
The food was delicious. They had a Chinese food station and a taco station…YUM. 
Jake was excited. 
After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening on the dance floor. Kathryn, a girlfriend from high school, was a bridesmaid. She looked beautiful! 
Kathryn’s husband, Mitch, was the best man. He gave an awesome speech. 
Jake makes weddings so much fun. Well, he makes everything fun, so that’s pretty great. 
I’m so sad this is blurry!
Jake made breakfast Sunday morning. It was SO good. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, and eggs. 
We did a whole lot of relaxing on Sunday, then we went to an open house near us (we love walking through homes), went to the grocery store, and then grabbed an early dinner at Galloway. We shared the pretzels as an appetizer because we were starving. 
I am a huge stout fan. I really like this one from Public House Brewing Co. 
For dinner, I had a salad and wings. 
Jake had a burger. 
Then it was home to meal prep! These are Jake’s lunches for Monday – Thursday. He’ll probably have leftovers on Friday. I made Banza pasta (YUM), cooked chicken, chopped up onions, jalapeños, and olives, then mixed everything together and topped it with some Italian dressing. 
My lunches for the next few days – chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower. I love veggies cooked in coconut aminos, so I’ve been craving them the past few weeks. I’m not sick of this meal yet! 
We were working on a few things before bed last night, but got hungry since we ate so early. We shared a package of Pop Tarts. I forgot how much I love Pop Tarts. I bought them to have as a snack during Jake’s hundred, but forgot to take them to the aid stations with me, so I guess we will enjoy them as a dessert! 
I forgot to share my training the week of Jake’s hundo – sorry! But here’s last week:
Monday: 3WU, 4 HM tempo, 1CD = 8 @ 8:27
Tuesday: 3WU, 4x (800m uphill @ HMP, 800m downhill @ MP), 2CD = 9 @ 8:51
Wednesday: Lifting!
Thursday: Aerobic run = 6 @ 9:14
Friday: 8 easy, 8 @ MP, 2CD = 18 @ 8:56
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

I can’t believe I’m starting week 18 of my 20 week plan! EEK! My race is SO close. I feel ready! I only run 3 days this week, so I’m going to try to get one my bike once or twice. It’s harder to want to ride when it’s cold out…

I’ve got some grading to knock out today and I want to start working on articles to submit to a few journals. I’m about to throw some sweet potato chili in the crockpot, so I can’t wait for dinner! 

Happy Monday, friends!

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