A wonderful day + the chiro + girlfriend date!

Yesterday morning was a wonderful, wonderful day. I got to return this precious guy to his family. In case you missed it, our neighbors saved a dog from the pouring rain and from getting hit on the highway. They couldn’t keep him in their rental, so Jake and I took him overnight. He is the absolute sweetest dog! He was sad, though. It was obvious he missed his people. Right as Jake was leaving for work yesterday morning, I got a message from Leigh’s Lost and Found saying someone who lived near the owner knew this was their dog. (The owner doesn’t have Internet.) They sent me some pictures to confirm and I called the owner. We set up a time to meet and Sam (the dog) and I hit the road. Sam was SO happy. He sprinted out of my car into his owner’s arms, then came back and gave me a hug. It was seriously the coolest thing. I’m thankful my Mom was there to capture these pictures.
These two were thrilled to be reunited. It made my heart happy.
This was from earlier in the morning. Can you spot Lu? Haha! Sam was definitely a farm dog. He LOVED to be outside. 
My Momma went with me to drop Sam off, so I treated her to Starbucks on our way home. Thank you, Mom, for always being there for us! I don’t say that enough.

I went to the chiropractor later in the morning for an overall check-up. I should’ve been doing that my whole training plan. My hips aren’t too bad! They’re still super tight, but MUCH better than they were when I was sidelined from running for 8 months. My chiropractor is going to work with me (after my race) at elongating some of my muscles. That will help a lot with my hips!

Lunch after the chiro was chicken and veggies.

After lunch, it was work time. Lu slept next to me to make sure I stayed on task.
I had a dinner date with Jyssica, which was a blast. I got to introduce her to our favorite Mexican restaurant- Cesar’s Old Mexico. She loved it! We both had tacos and their sangria. YUM.
I got this message while we were at dinner. It made me smile REALLY big. Sam is so happy at home!
Date nights with this babe always go by too quickly!
Jyss also gave me some essential oils! She knows I love to use them in my diffuser. Isn’t she the best?!
After dinner, Lu and I crawled into bed. Jake is on call this week for work, so he got called out to work for a little bit. Lu was sleepily cuddling him when he got back home. HA.
I woke up freezing, so I’m trying to get warm. I’m going to sip my coffee and sit in front of the fire for a little bit. Then it’s off to workout!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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