Chili weather + forever breaking out + I needed that!

I threw chili goodness into the crockpot yesterday morning for dinner. I LOVE chili weather. Knowing that you have chili in the crockpot just makes things feel cozy – anyone else feel that way? 
I decided to put my run off until the afternoon, so I had breakfast and then waited three hours before running. It seems like if I can wait at least 3 hours before running, I’m okay to eat a little something before a run. If I don’t wait that long, I get the worst heart burn about a mile into my run. 
It’s time for layers while running! This is one of my favorite base layers. It’s perfect under a long sleeved shirt. I always forget what to wear when the weather changes…I need to make notes about temperatures and layers somewhere. 
I found this graphic awhile ago. I think it’s pretty accurate!
When you need to get some work done around the house but you have the worst cramps…heating pad on the go, HA! I was dressed to run, but I was cold, so I put my huge sweat pants on over my running stuff. 
I am always breaking out. ALWAYS. It’s annoying, but I’ve just come to accept it. Maybe one day it’ll stop…buuuut I tried to pop a zit and it turned into a blood blister. HA! 
My Mom called me before I left my run and said she was going to leave something for me on our front porch. Well, I saw her driving by right as I was finishing my run, so I called her and told her I was almost home. I finished up my run and saw her wedding our landscaping. Moms are the best!
I had a good run with some speed work yesterday. I needed that! I had had two weeks of kind of blah runs, so it felt good to have a good one! My workout was a 3 mile WU, 2x (1 mile at MP, 800m at 5k pace), 2 mile CD. I hit all of my paces and felt good the entire time! 
My VO2 Max improved, too! 
My Mom had picked up lunch for herself when she stopped at my house, so she brought it inside and we had lunch together. 
She also brought us some of her famous Special K bars, so I had that for a snack later on along with some Nut Thins. 
Someone couldn’t hang yesterday. She’s getting her hair cut Friday! Thank goodness. She’s a mess. 
Couch relaxing and grading!
One of our neighbors found this cutie running down the highway in the rain. They can’t have pets in their home, so Jake and I took him in. He is the sweetest and LOVES to be outside. Our neighbor and I posted everywhere trying to find his owner and this morning, they contacted me!!! I am so happy. I hate when pets aren’t with their humans. Lu will be sad when this guy (Sam – we just found out his name) leaves. 
Dinner was chili and cornbread muffins! 
I’m off to take Sam to his owners and then hit up the chiropractor. I don’t run today, so I’ll get some lifting in at some point, but that’s a
bout it! I might go do the elliptical tomorrow since I don’t run AGAIN. I don’t like only running 3 days a week….I’ve been running 4 days a week this whole training cycle, but this week is only 3 days. Change is hard! ; )
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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