Progress + feeling ready + girl time!

After sleeping in last week, I told Jake that it was back to getting up at 5. Mornings are my favorite part of the day and I didn’t like sleeping through them. We all got up at 5 on Monday, but still lounged in bed. Lu was in deep denial about getting up. 
Overnight proats for breakfast! I add protein powder to these, hence the name proats. 
The very first thing I do every morning is make our bed. Lu refused to get up yesterday. I attempted to make the bed around her, but I don’t think it got completely made until 10AM. Yes, she is spoiled. 
I gave in and joined her for a little bit of cuddling. 
I was putting laundry away and Lu brought me one of her toys. I guess I didn’t act quickly enough because before I could do anything with the first toy, she brought me the second. Then just stared…
I got dressed to go run, but I was cold, so I put sweats on over my running stuff. 
It was a beautiful day!
I shared this on social media, but I am less than 2 weeks out from my full and I’m feeling ready! I love training plans for a lot of reasons, but one is being able to see progress. The last 4 Mondays I have had 8 miles to knock out. Each week my paces improved. I started with 8 @ 8:38, then 8 @ 8:27, then 8 @ 8:12, and ended yesterday with 8 @ 8:07. After battling a hammy issue for about 8 months last year, it sure feels good to be running steadily and making small improvements. Whatever you’re doing, no matter how many times you fail, don’t quit. It’s worth it.

My run yesterday was a 3 mile WU, 5x 1k @ 10k pace, 2 mile CD. One thing that I really want to work on next training cycle is making my last repeat faster than my first. I pretty consistently slow down on the last when I’m fatigued. I want to work on this because it will help me with races – pushing through when I’m fatigued at the end. You can see below where I slowed down during mile 6, which had my last 1k repeat in it. There’s always something to improve on, which I think is one reason why I love running!

This lunch was delicious! I added a cauliflower bun and dairy-free cheese to the turkey patty. Those tots are sweet potato, white bean, and broccoli. YUM. 
My birth mom, Dawn, turned 50 on Sunday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWN!!! We had a little celebration for her last night. She’s tough and she loves horses, so when I saw this, I HAD to get it for her. 
More cuddles with my babe before I left for dinner. Jake rode his mountain bike last night with a buddy, so Lu got some alone time.
We went to Touch for Dawn’s birthday celebration. I love their bacon wrapped dates, but I inhaled them before I could get a picture. For dinner, I had a sea bass taco and brussels. All of this was on their happy hour menu! I was impressed.  
The party group! Dawn, the birthday girl, is the one in black. My Mom is the blonde in front and the other four pretty ladies work with Dawn – they’re amazing and we had such a blast. 

For new readers, I was adopted when I was a newborn. My parents knew who Dawn was, but I did not know until I turned 25. My parents always told my sister and I that we were adopted, so it wasn’t some huge surprise, but they wanted to wait until we were adults to tell us details, which we were both 100% okay with. I met Dawn shortly after I turned 25 and we have been super close ever since. She has become part of my family and we all love her so much! <3 

I love this picture! That dessert was DELICIOUS. 
I’m so glad I have gotten to know these ladies. 
These two have been friends for a long, long time!



My Momma, Dawn, and me. 
Jake and I just got back from a 5 mile run together. Running with him is one of my favorite things. Lu and I have a busy day, so we are ready to tackle some of our to-do list items!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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