Weekend Wrap-up!

Hi, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here’s a picture of Lu looking SO fresh and so clean clean after her hair cut on Friday. 
I posted this picture on Instagram and Jake teased me about it. 
This is Lu’s favorite spot to sit whenever we run errands. I don’t mind it one bit. 
I was not feeling eggs for breakfast on Friday, but I don’t like not getting in some kind of veggies in the morning, so I had a waffle and then made a little protein shake with these greens. I like the chocolate flavor of these better, but Jake like this one. It’s okay as long as it’s mixed with something. I love that I can get my greens in with this! 
Turns out getting your hair cut is pretty tiring. I took Lu to a new groomer – All Breeds Grooming – and they were awesome! They even let me hang out in the waiting room and wait for Lu. It only took an hour for her to get all pampered and pretty. We will definitely go back there!
I met my parents for lunch at Highland Springs. My Dad was going to golf, so it worked perfectly for my Mom and I to grab a quick lunch with him before he played. Their bread and butter selection is delicious. 
I had a cabbage and sausage soup. It was cold and rainy outside, so I was craving warm comfort food. 
Thennn I came home and had a Pop Tart…
This is the biggest bottle of Fish Oil that I have ever seen. 
I shared this on Facebook on Friday, but I thought I’d share it here, too. This probably makes me a weirdo, but I FINALLY tried on my cap and gown for graduation. I have had all of it since April. I just had this weird idea that trying it on before things were legit would somehow jinx me. I know, I know, but still. It’s been sitting in my closet, in its box, since April. I saw it every single day. Sometimes I’d touch the box, but I never took anything out of it. Weirdo, I know. I was cleaning out my closet Friday and FINALLY let myself try everything on. Talk about feeling all the feels. I still cannot believe this HUGE chapter of my life is ending. All of my graduations have been special, but I honestly don’t think anything will compare to what will happen in December. I’m ready!
I caught her mid blink. ALL the laughs. 
For dinner Friday, Jake and I went to The Pitch. We shared a salad, their Italian nachos, and a pizza. Everything was delicious. 
Jake’s Dad was in a BBQ competition this weekend, so we went by and said hello after dinner. Jake’s sister, Chelsea, was there, too! 
Jake’s Dad, Jeff, is a master on the grill and smoker. 
Saturday morning was my last double digit run before my marathon! I had 15 miles for the day, so I went to Wilson’s Creek, which is a hilly 5-mile loop, and did it three times. It was HARD. I took this during my warm-up. I wasn’t sure if it would register me running, haha!
Welp, this GU is DELICIOUS. 
It was a beautiful morning, but it started to get HOT. I took this at mile 13, before my 2 miles of cool-down. I 100% wanted to walk my cool-down miles. I was DONE. But I didn’t, I ran them and it felt good to tuck that away to use when I want to walk during my race. I CAN do it. I know I’m going to hurt, I just have to be able to push through that. I’m excited to see how I feel during my full. My training cycle has gone really well, so I know I’m ready. I wore my new Torins and I think they’ll be my race shoe! I loved them. 
Why don’t hills ever look steep in pictures? The hills at Wilson’s Creek are no joke. 
I think post-long run feels are my favorite. 
Jake is back to running, too! He ran 3 one day last week and then 7 this weekend. He’s feeling good! He’s pacing his Dad in a hundred the same day as my marathon, so he’s working back up to running a solid 20 miles before then. Jake was running an errand when I got home, so I made us smoothies and a plate of chicken. 
Lu wanted my smoothie. 
We headed to the Jake Own concert with some friends Saturday night! Before the concert, we grabbed wings and beer at Coyote’s. I LOVE chicken wings. 
This made me laugh really hard. 
The concert was AMAZING. If you ever get a chance to see Jake Owen, you will not be disappointed. I promise. He’s SO talented. And he’s easy on the eyes! ; ) 
We love these two! 
Fun fact about me – I love all things fringe. Not so fun fact about Jake – he hates all things fringe. Anyone want to guess how much he loved me wearing these boots on Saturday night? It might not help that I’m always making him look at them while I do weird things with my legs to make the fringe move around, but that’s just who I am as a person. 
Such an awesome concert. 
He didn’t wear shoes! I was worried he was going to stub a toe or something, but he jumped and ran around just fine!
Jake sent me this Sunday morning. While I was in the next room. Sorry, Mom. ; )
I ran to the store to get groceries for the week, then Jake and I had breakfast. I don’t know what my deal is with eggs this week, but I don’t want them. We had waffles and veggie sausage!
After we ate, I got started on meal prep. This is 2 days of breakfast for each of us. I added the Green Superfoods to our proats this time, so they’re a nice green color. ; ) Mmm. 
Jake is having burrito bowls for lunch. He is supposed to be out of his office Tuesday, so he only needs 4 lunches. 
I am having turkey burgers, veggies, and veggie tots. YUM. I’ll add a cauliflower bun and dairy-free cheese to my turkey patty when I heat everything up. 
This is a happy fridge. 
Dinner last night was super simple and SO yummy. Spaghetti squash, chicken sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, marinara, and garlic bread. I topped mine with goat cheese. 
It’s hard to tell from the picture, but Lu was propped up on that pillow with all of her body weight against me. If I would’ve moved, she would’ve toppled over. 
After dinner, Jake made a fire and we sat outside for a long time relaxing. 
It was the perfect end to the weekend. 
I’ve got 8 miles of speed work to knock out later today. I can’t believe I only have one more full week until my race (it’s November 4th). This training plan FLEW by. I hadn’t really thought about races for after my full, but Jake and I just signed up for a race in December. It’s called the Back 40. Jake is doing a 40 mile run the first day and a 40 mile ride
the second day. I’m doing the 20 mile run the first day and then spectating the second day – I’m not ready for a mountain bike race – HA! I’m pumped about this race, though. It’ll be my longest trail race so far! I’m also going to a fun birthday dinner for my birth mom tonight, so I’m looking forward to that! 
Happy Monday, friends!

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