Date night + new places + day made!

The women’s relaxation room at Acacia Spa might just be one of my favorite places. It’s so soothing and comfortable.
I had proats after my run, but I was still super hungry. After Acacia, I came home and had a piece of toast with hummus, a hard boiled egg, and Sriracha. It was delicious.
Same lunch, BUT I did add some BBQ sauce…so there’s something different. 
After lunch and a little work, I took an Epsom salt bath. I added some lavender and vanilla to the bath, too. It smelled amazing.
All morning and early afternoon, there were around 20 vultures in a tree right behind our house. I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t let Lu outside by herself. They’re just creepy. 
I had a really bad headache yesterday and my stomach was upset, so I laid in bed for about an hour. It helped! Then I had a few of these as a snack.
This is terrible lighting, but our first stop on date night was Progress, a new restaurant here in town. You can read about it HERE
The inside is incredible. They did a really good job. I love the decor. The chairs were super comfortable, too.
We got there in time for their happy hour (which is really good), and they had our favorite drink on the menu – an Old Fashioned! We were pumped. They were delicious!
Progress doesn’t really have full meals, rather, they have small plates, large plates, and then some 5 course pre-planned menus that they create based on the season. Our waitress said they did have a few items on the menu that could be a whole meal, but that people typically ordered a few different plates and shared. Jake and I ordered 2 small plates and 3 large plates. It was the perfect amount for us!

Our first dish was a citrus goat cheese salad. It was amazing, but not one of the dishes we would order again, just because there were others that we liked even better. The goat cheese and orange pieces were inside that shaved kohlrabi, which is also called a German turnip. It was tasty!

I am not a huge arugula fan, but this dish was so good. It’s called the Buratta Toast. The toast and arugula were topped with buratta cheese. We both really liked this one!
Our next dish was the Fried Chicken Sandwich. This was delicious. I don’t know what kind of bread the bun was, but holy cow. SO good.
These last two were our favorites. (Thank you for the recommendation on the cauliflower, Jessica!) This dish is the Roasted Cauliflower. Wow. I could’ve eaten this whole plate by myself. It was incredible.
This dish is the Spicy Korean Buttered Noodles. The noodles were covered in a Korean buffalo sauce. This was incredible. So, so good.
After our delicious dinner, we headed to a movie! Before last night, Jake and I had seen ONE movie in a theater together. Ha! So last night, we added a second movie to that list –
A Star Is Born. It was so good!
Jake photobombing me to show you his ring?
We got to the theater and they had happy hour, too! We both sipped on a beer while we watched our movie. It was a perfect date night!
I came out of the movie to this notification. Excuse me while I hyperventilate. I love Kara! This made my day.
This weekend will be pretty relaxing, which I’m thankful for since next Sunday is my marathon! I can’t believe it’s next weekend. I am so excited. I’ve already been having dreams about the race. Sometimes I wake up in a panic because I have forgotten something. I’m going to pack everything a few nights before my race, just to ensure that doesn’t happen. After my race, I’ll do a big write-up with all of my training, why I picked that plan, how the training went, and how the race went. If there’s anything else you’d like to read about, let me know!

Does anyone else have any races coming up? I’d love to hear about them!!

Happy Friday, friends!


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