Last workout + tapering is hard + sunshine!

This is how my morning coffee makes me feel. So. Happy.
I overcooked this egg casserole. UGH. Thank goodness I had a waffle to save the day. I think breakfast food is by far my favorite.
I have the best Dad. He took all of our knives home and sharpened them. Then made each one a sleeve so I didn’t stab myself when I picked them up. Thank you, Daddy! You’re the BEST.
This headband! Make each day count.
Last workout before my marathon = donezooo! My chiropractor taped me up yesterday, so I put my run off until she did that, just to see how the tape felt. I’m not injured! I’ve just been having some patellar tendon pain once I get past 15 miles or so, so we were going to see if the tape helped. Obviously I won’t know for sure until race day, but my legs felt really good yesterday. (Especially considering that I’m tapering…)
Speaking of tapering, I could relate to almost ALL of the things in THIS article. Especially the weight gain – I feel SO puffy. If you’re tapering for a race this weekend, I feel for you! It’s not easy.
Here were my splits from yesterday. I had some speed work during miles 4 and 5. I felt heavy, but I always feel that way when I taper.
I’m feeling ready! I think I mentioned this awhile ago, but I have failed to make it to the start line of a marathon 2 other times. I ended up injured halfway through my training plan each time. I think that alone makes this race special to me – I am going to make it! Plus, it’s the same race that was my first half, so I love that. 
I’m eating pretty bland this week. For lunch yesterday I had a chicken, spinach, and avocado wrap with Nut-Thins and a cold and flu shot from Mama Jean’s. My Mom wasn’t feeling well when my family came over for lunch Sunday and Jake wasn’t feeling great later that night. I do NOT want to get sick right now.
After lunch, Lu and I headed to meet my friend, Cassie, for coffee. Lu was a little wind blown in this picture.
It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine! We sat out on the square downtown and caught up. Cassie owns the Ozark Mtn Flower Truck (HERE). Check it out! She’s pretty awesome. 
Snacks when I got home – yogurt with collagen and an orange. All the vitamin C, please! My sister made me that pineapple in the frame – isn’t it so cute??
More snacks…I love dry cereal.
I made a huge batch of chicken noodle soup for us this week. Jake is pacing his Dad in a hundred on Saturday, so I made extra to send with him. I may have gone overboard (scroll down) with two crockpots of soup, but it’s pretty delicious!
This sleepy girl loves family cuddles on the couch.
Yeahhhh, overboard. This is after Jake and I had each had two bowls…
Our morning started with a little sleeping in and then an easy 4 miles! Lu was very excited when we got home.
Another day, another cold and flu shot! Jake is feeling back to normal, so fingers crossed for no sickness in our house!
I’ve got a pretty easy week this week, so I’m taking advantage of that! I’ve got some computer stuff to work on and some grades to submit, but other than that, I’m going to stretch, soak, and relax! 
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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