Weekend Wrap-up!

Jake was going to be out of town Friday night, so I sent him this picture as soon as he left for work. I stole one of his sweatshirts because I already missed him. I think I wear his clothes 60% of the time. Anyone else steal their significant other’s comfy stuff?
Kayla and I had a date day on Friday and it was a blast. We went to Dancing Mule, which is a coffee shop neither of us had been to before. It was SO good! I got a chai tea latte and it was maybe the best I’ve ever had. No joke. We both have races this weekend – another half for her and my first full – so we talked all about those and our plans.
After coffee, we headed to one of my favorite places for lunch, Nearly Famous. I LOVE the quiche at Nearly Famous. They have a different one each day and every single one is phenomenal. On Friday, they had the seafood quiche. Kayla and I both got it. Also, their salad is life changing.
We were pretty excited about our food.
After lunch, I came home and answered emails, then Lu and I got in some serious cuddles.
I was starving, so I ended up eating dinner at 4:30. I had the last of my lunches for the week since I ate out for lunch. Those meal prep containers make this look like smaller portions. Isn’t it crazy how much food fits into those? This bowl was full!
After dinner, I met Kayla and Wade (her boyfriend) for drinks. When I got home (around 10:30), I was starving again, since I had eaten lunch so early. I snacked on more veggie tots before going to bed.
This is how I found Lu when I got home. She was a sleepy girl.
It was up early Saturday morning to meet Kayla and Jordan for a run. It was chilly, but the weather was perfect for a run! We got a nice 8 miles in together.
Thankful for running buddies!
We all were getting together later to help a friend move, so we went home to change and eat breakfast before we met up again. I was CRAVING bacon, so I went to the store super fast on my way home and grabbed some. Breakfast was delicious. I’m back to loving eggs! Last week, I wanted nothing to do with them.
Jyss drove Jake’s truck with her pup for a little bit and sent me this adorable picture.
Wade met up with us for the move and I found this mask in his truck. Of course I had to put in on. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a mask while carrying heavy things…it was hard to see.
We all grabbed lunch together at Big Slice, a pizza place here in town. I had never been there! Holy yum. So, so good.
Sriracha. ; )
Someone was a little worn out from all the moving…(KAYLA!)
We finished moving stuff and headed to Galloway for dinner! I haven’t been eating red meat, but the past few days, I had been really wanting a burger. I decided to have one for dinner. It was amazing. I also had a big plate of veggies.
They refused to let me take their picture, so I did it anyway.
I loved spending the weekend with these people! Jake met us at Galloway for a drink when he got back into town, too! Side note: this girl just CRUSHED her last half. She had a massive PR and finished with a 7:41 average. SO proud of her. 
Yesterday (Sunday) was a special day. 5 years ago my Dad had surgery for prostate cancer. He is now cancer free!!
We had my family over for lunch to celebrate my Dad! One of his favorite desserts is German Chocolate Cake, so made one. This was my first time making a layered cake. It was pretty good!
While I was cooking lunch, I was also meal prepping for the week. If it involves multi-tasking, count me in! I made this casserole for breakfast this week. It just has mushrooms, 20 eggs, flaxseed milk, onion, and veggie sausage in it.
I made my favorite brussels for everyone for lunch.
The whole spread! Jake grilled an amazing tri-tip and jalapeño poppers, I made salad, brussels, and cake, and my Mom brought rolls.
Jake is a master on the grill.
Here’s my perfect angel niece!!!! I cannot wait to meet her.
My sister and her husband brought a bone over for Lu. When everyone left, Lu left the bone by the front door and pouted.
Jake and I got everything cleaned up from lunch, then we drove around and looked at the beautiful fall trees in our area for awhile. We were pretty hungry after that, so we went to Lucky’s and picked up an assortment of delicious food. Lucky’s sushi is so good.
Then we relaxed on the couch and watch Friday Night Lights!
It’s race week, friends!!!! I am pumped. My marathon is on Sunday and I can’t wait. I have my last hard workout today, so I’m looking forward to that. I can’t believe the race is almost here. We have a pretty easy week this week, which is good. I told Jake I didn’t really want to do anything big, so we are taking it easy.
Training from last week-
Monday: 3WU, 5x1k @ 10k pace, 2CD = 8 @8:07
Tuesday: 5 easy @ 8:52
Wednesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical 
Thursday: 3WU, 2×2 miles @ half-marathon pace with 1 easy = 9 @8:40
Friday: REST!
Saturday: 8 easy @ 9:03
Sunday: REST!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Can you believe it … you have finished your Ph.D., gotten MARRIED, AND trained for a MARATHON all in ONE YEAR! I feel like I’ve been following your blog for a long time … but I don’t think it’s been a full year YET! I cannot wait to read your race recap.
    p.s. Have you considered trying vegan eggs?? Might be easier when making your egg bakes!!

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Lindsay!!
      It has been one crazy year, huh?! I was thinking about all that has happened the other day and couldn’t believe it! I’m so glad I’ve had friends like you along for the ride! 🙂
      Oooooh, I haven’t looked into those! Thank you! I will definitely check them out!!
      Do you have any races coming up? How have you been feeling??
      I hope you have a great day!

  2. Megan

    Hurray for race week being here! SO exciting – sending all the positive vibes for a relaxing, peaceful week for you 🙂
    I had two random questions…1 – what mascara do you use bc your eyelashes are always AMAZING? 🙂 and 2 – what brand of veggie tots do you like best?
    Thank you!

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Megan!!
      Thank you!!!!! You’re so sweet. Race week is always an adventure. Tapering is NOT fun, but I’m so excited for my race!
      I actually have eyelash extensions! I love them because I don’t have to wear mascara. I wish these were my real lashes!!
      I cannot remember the brand of the veggie tots. I’ll check the next time I’m at the store! But they’re SO good. They were in the freezer section at Lucky’s, the grocery store I go to. They’re made with sweet potatoes, white beans, and broccoli. YUM.
      I hope you have a great day!!!

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