Relaxation + family time + funny throwback!

Easy runs for us this week! Jake is pacing his Dad in a hundo on Saturday and I have my marathon on Sunday!
Breakfast. The best meal. We are going through a lot of Emergen-C at our house. No sickness!
This reminder popped up on Timehop yesterday. WOW. 5 years. I graduated with my master’s in May of 2014 and started on my PhD in June of 2014. This, right now, is really the only time in my life that I haven’t been in school. I’m still adjusting. It’s weird.
I got some graduation information in the mail!! I’m not ordering invitations or anything, but it sure was fun to see them! I am pumped for graduation. (In case you couldn’t tell from me talking about it ALL the time…)
I took my Rock Tape off…my poor spray tan. Ha! I just use a tanning foam, so it’s not biggie, but this gave me a good laugh.
I added lavender and vanilla oils to my Epsom bath. It smelled amazing.
I got antsy yesterday and started to lay out clothes for my race…I know the weather could change a million times, but I’m thinking I’ll wear THESE shorts, THIS top or THIS top, THESE socks, THESE shoes, and arm warmers. We will see how the weather situation goes! So far, it looks like perfect running weather. There’s rain in the forecast all week until race day. 
My to-do lists look very different these days. They’re WAY shorter than they used to be. I like to write the day each item needs to happen in the margin. It helps me space out my work and keeps me motivated.
I added a little balsamic vinaigrette to my wrap yesterday. It was delicious. I also had Greek yogurt and carrots later on.
I think my new Amazon pillow cases are Lu approved. I got these HERE
When I was 18, my parents took my sister and I to Europe for their wedding anniversary trip. It was amazing. While there, I fell in love with putting milk in my tea. I know it sounds different, but don’t knock it till you try it. I put vanilla almond milk in some dandelion tea yesterday and it was SO good.
I spent some time stretching and doing abs with Lu before we took a nap. I always feel off during taper weeks. I had a bad headache yesterday, but the nap helped!
We met Jake’s family for dinner last night. I am so blessed to have the best in-laws. We were all craving Mexican, so that’s what we had!
Anyone else our sweetener in their salsa? I know it’s not healthy, but it’s my weakness! I can’t stop.
Most of our pictures look something look this…
I have a few errands to run today, so I’m going to knock those out in a little bit. I’d also like to spend some time on the elliptical or the stair master, just to get my legs moving a little. 

Oh gosh, happy Halloween!! HA! I totally spaced that today is Halloween. We are going to a friend’s house later to pass out candy! I love seeing all of the costumes. We did the same thing last year and I even got to see some of my old students! (For new readers, I taught middle school for 5 years). It was a blast!

Happy Wednesday (and Halloween), friends!


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  1. Megan

    Love the rock tape spray tan art 😉 I got a pedicure the other day and suddenly my feet and calves were sooo white while the rest of my legs were still tan haha…I use the Jergens foaming tan lotion and love it 🙂
    Also, the picture of you and Jake cracks me up – that’s what my pictures with my boyfriend look like too…he gets slightly tired of my endless picture taking 😉 Happy Halloween!

    • Chelsea

      You made me laugh out loud!! The price we pay to be tan, huh? Hahaha! I used to use that lotion – I loved it! Now I use St. Tropez foaming tanner. I love a good tan!
      Haha, yep! The millions of pictures definitely get Jake, too. So funny!!

  2. Lindsay

    Happy Halloween!
    Sounds like you have had a great week. I can’t wait to hear where you end up career wise. I would like to move away from Central IL eventually but I am not sure if I am ready for that quite yet. Do you think you will end up staying in the Springfield, MO area?
    Also, there is no such thing as tea without milk … I have British Parents and they taught me the RIGHT way to drink tea! <3

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