I love fall + my favorite place + come see me!!

I love this tree by our house. I was sad this morning when I walked out and saw it was losing its leaves. They’re SO pretty.
Breakfast and Emergen-C. Jake and I both slept in yesterday. I think we are fighting something off. We both have just felt kinda off. He thought he was feeling better, but he said he’s still feeling weird. I don’t feel sick, I just have had a headache ALL week.
Later in the morning, I went to one of my favorite places. The library! I think it’s funny I got the mystery section sign in this picture. I hardly ever peruse books there…I am a huge chicken and don’t like anything scary/suspenseful.
I got two books and was so excited to go home and start reading.
I finished up some laundry and had a snack before snuggling up with one of my books.
The best way to spend a day. That half naked man in front of the green pot our plant is in is a calendar that Jake won…ha! It’s Tommy Puzey.
Lunch was the same – a chicken wrap with spinach and nutritional yeast and a side of Nut-Thins.
I’m not taking any chances with colds, so I picked up some of this tea at Mama Jean’s. It has a really good flavor.
I read, worked on my playlist for my race, answered emails, and graded most of the day. I took a break after all of that and had some strawberries and an orange. This orange was the hardest ever to peel. It ended up just being chunks of orange rather than slices. 
It wouldn’t be a blog post without multiple pictures of Lulu.
This was what I made the girls wear last year for Halloween – candy corn necklaces. Lu was oblivious, but Aspen was super not happy. Her face in this makes me laugh. I miss our girl. A lot.
Dinner was more chicken noodle soup! My noodles got super mushy, but they’re still yummy!
We had a dinner guest last night! Kayla came by after work and ate dinner with us. We watched some episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I’m too big of a sissy for anything scarier than that.
These two were super into the show. I love when Lu watches TV. It cracks me up.
When we were ready for bed, I walked into this – Jake looking at campers and Lu in my spot. When I asked Jake where I was supposed to sleep he said, “We don’t really know.” Soooo, that’s cool. Lu wouldn’t make eye contact with me because she knew I was going to move her.
The three of us (Jake, Kayla, and myself) were planning to run outside together at 5:30 this morning. We checked the weather w
hen we got up and it was cold and rainy. Since none of us want to risk getting sick, Kayla and I decided on a treadmill date and Jake decided to run after work.
Kayla had 3 and I had 5. It was nice to have her next to me on the treadmill. When Jake and I get a treadmill, I think we need to get 2…
I found two really good articles yesterday. THIS one talks about making a race plan for a marathon. THIS one talks about running the day before a race. The race strategy article has a calculator where you can input your distance and a time goal and it will give you paces for various sections of your race. It’s pretty helpful! 
The vendor expo for our races starts tomorrow (Friday). I’m going to work the Go Girl booth, so if you’ll be at the expo, come say hi! I’d love to see you. Kayla will be there, too! The expo is 2-7 and then again on Saturday (I can’t remember the times), but we won’t be there Saturday. Soooo, get your packet on Friday and see us!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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