Lu loves her sleep + weekend plans (come see me!) + ready to race!

Yay for Friday!! I can’t believe the weekend is already here. The days themselves this week seemed to go by pretty slowly, but as a whole, the week flew by. Isn’t it weird how that happens? Jake and I are still taking our cold and flu shots from Mama Jean’s every day. I really do think these help build your immunity. I don’t know the exact ingredients. I did once find a copycat recipe online, but it didn’t taste the same. I know these have oregano oil, turmeric, and cayenne pepper, but I don’t know what else. Oregano oil is a natural antibiotic, though. I sometimes add it to my tea!
Lu would not get out of bed yesterday. I was trying to wash our sheets, but she wouldn’t get up so I worked on some other things for about 30 minutes before going back into our room to take the sheets off.
I walked into this. She had moved, but she definitely wasn’t getting up.
She also left two of her toys on the bathroom rug that she loves.
Breakfast was served after Jake left for work and got a few things finished.
Sometimes when it’s super cold and rainy outside, you need to leave the house in your super comfy Walmart joggers because you don’t want to be cold. These are seriously some of my favorite sweats. They feel like butter!
Snack time = yogurt with collagen and tea with milk.
Lunch has been the same all week – I added a balsamic glaze to my wrap and it was delicious.
Whoooops…I polished off the leftover German chocolate cake. I had been limiting myself to two bites a day, but then Jake got into it and only left this little bit. It was my dessert yesterday.
Lu and I delivered some cookies to Jyssica! I’ve been baking a lot more lately, so you never know when you’re going to get some random baked goods on your front step!
Then I spent awhile reading. I also had another snack. Yesterday, I found a new way to be productive. I would switch between reading a chapter and working on something for 20 minutes. It worked really well!
I love beef jerky.
Also, oyster crackers are another weakness. I don’t know what it is about them, but I could eat a whole bag.
I got some Lu cuddles later in the day.
We had leftover chicken noodle soup again last night, but Jake asked for something to go with his. I made him a little tortilla pizza. It smelled amazing! I’m getting pizza for dinner tonight, so I didn’t have anything last night.
Welp, I’m just about all ready for Sunday I laid everything out that I could need on race day. They were calling for rain, but it looks like we MIGHT get lucky and not have rain. We will see! The temperatures look perfect (mid 40s) and it should be overcast. Fingers crossed! I laid out extra GU so I can pick the flavors I want the morning of my race. I was going back and forth on wearing a pack, but since this is my first full, I think I’m going to wear one.
This morning was spent relaxing with my main squeeze with coffee in bed before our crazy weekend of races begins! Jake is pacing his Dad in a hundred on Saturday – good luck, John (and the rest of the crew)!
I see my chiropractor today to get taped for my race, then it’s off to work the Go Girl booth at the expo. Come see me if you’re at the expo to get your packet! I’ll have a discount code if you want to sign-up for the Go Girl run at the expo, too! (but no pressure – you can just come say hi, too!)

Next time I talk to you, I’ll have finished my first marathon! Eek! I am definitely excited. And a little nervous. I’ll post on social media about everything, so if you want to follow along, check there! @chelseakbradley (Instagram). Otherwise, look for my Monday post on here! Thank you for all of your kind words – you guys sure know how to make a girl feel loved! <3

Happy Friday, friends!

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