Weekend Wrap-up!

I will do a full race recap tomorrow, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I survived! That was tough. It made me appreciate all of those amazing athletes who run marathons consistently – you guys are incredible. Seriously. So impressed by you!

I’ll go into to more detail tomorrow, but I finished in 3:57:30 and ended up getting first in my age group, which was a TOTAL surprise. I was not expecting that at all. I was the 13th female overall, too, which was another fun surprise. Overall, it was a great, challenging day!

Let’s rewind to Friday. The morning started with vitamins, a cold and flu shot, and Emergency-C.
Then it was breakfast time – a waffle and egg casserole.
I was working at the Go Girl booth at the race expo on Friday, so I had my stuff laid out. Lu was pretty excited about it, too!
Guys, this lunch was delicious. I put bacon, turkey slices, pepperoni, spinach, and an avocado in a wrap. Holy yum.
I could probably eat this every day…
Then it was off to the expo to work the Go Girl booth! We had a blast getting to see everyone and meet new runners.
I don’t go anywhere without a snack. I get hangry. This was super good! I had never had this flavor before. I want to get more of this one.
I made the mistake of leaving my phone where these crazies could get to it. ; )
After the expo, a big group of us went to Pappo’s for salad and pizza. I inhaled this huge salad. It was so good.
Michelle and I shared a veggie pizza (I added chicken to my half) with no cheese. I love their pizza!
Lu was mad about her Dad being gone this weekend. One guess which side Jake sleeps on…I promise I didn’t touch of any of these pillows before I took this picture. This made me laugh super hard.
I always tease Kayla about leaving her things in my car/purse/house. Coincidentally, I left my ID in her purse this weekend…
Saturday morning, I slept in, then met Jyss for coffee. Look at this adorable beanie she got me to wear after my race!!! She’s the best.
After coffee with Jyss, I did a 20 minute shake-out run/walk with Lu. Then we had a photo shoot. She was excited.
After my shake-out, I ate a super quick lunch, and then Lu and I hopped in the car to drive the course.
I love this essential oil. It really does help with stress. I started to get stressed thinking about the race, so I took this with me while we drove the course.
Lu was excited to see the course…
Until about mile 20. At that point, she was over it. If you’re ever able to drive a course before you race it, I highly recommend it! I ran the course already during a training run, but driving it gave me a different perspective and I loved it.
After driving the course, it was back home to relax and get all of my stuff ready to go.
TMI warning: I have had to stop and go to the bathroom on every single long run except for my 22-miler. After I did my 22, I immediately came home and froze what I had eaten for dinner the night before – HA! I thawed that food out and ate it the night before my race (Saturday). I had to stop and pee once during my race, but that was it! Success!
Pre-race hydration. Very important.
The race started at 7 AM. Check out that perfect weather!
Here we all are, ready to start! Kayla and Jordan ran the half (they both KILLED it), and Jyss supported ALL of us throughout the race. She and Jake were life savers for me!
These next photos are all from AFTER the race. I’ll share all the pre-race and race photos tomorrow in my recap!

After the race, I felt awful – super sick to my stomach. I went into the expo and got a massage, which helped my muscles SO much. I couldn’t get warm, so I layered on a bunch of clothes, including my awesome beanie from Jyss. After awards, we all headed to Brew Co for some food. A bunch of our good friends showed up to watch us girls race. It was SO fun seeing them on the course!

For lunch, I got a grilled cheese and added pulled pork. It was good! I got full super fast, so I didn’t eat much. My stomach was still a little upset.
Jake ordered wings for us to share, too.
The best sister-in-law ever got up early and stood in the cold to cheer me on!
After lunch, we went back home. Jake took a nap (I’ll fill you in on his weekend tomorrow) and I hopped in the tub to soak. Lu came to keep me company
and I told her all about the race.
Sorry for the language, but my friend Bailey made me this shirt at the expo. I told her I’d wear it after my race! I love it. Thank you, Bailey! You’re awesome. 
I laid down to nap with Jake, but just couldn’t fall asleep. I was hungry again, so I got back up and finished my lunch.
Poor Jake was sleepy! And yes, he’s using my old purple and pink phone case. HA!
When Jake woke up, we grabbed Chinese for dinner. It was SO good.
Then we relaxed on the couch and watched Friday Night Lights. Sometimes after your first marathon you need to sip on a little whiskey.
Lu loves holding hands with her Daddy. Melts my heart.
Jake and I slept in this morning, then headed to Mama Jean’s for breakfast before we left for work. I’m hobbling around today, but feel pretty good other than that! No injuries or anything, so I’m thankful about that! Mama Jean’s breakfast this morning was incredible. We shared a sausage and biscuit and a veggie and egg scramble. 
I see a lot of laying around in my future…I will meal prep here in a little bit, but other than that, I’ll do laundry, soak, and relax. I’m going to give it a few days before I try to run again. I’m just going to listen to my body and do what it says! I’ll definitely walk and try to get a few bike rides in. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
Happy Monday, friends!

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