Almost back to normal + my parents are amazing + so dang hungry!

Monday night Jake grabbed dinner with his Dad, so I chilled at home. I fully planned to grab Andy’s…sometimes you NEED custard for dinner, but when he left to meet his Dad, I started to feel super sick, so I just laid on the couch. About the time he got home, I was feeling better. I sipped on a beer, which seemed to help settle my stomach, too. I had never had Single Speed before. It was super good! It has Jasmine in it and I loved the sweetness of that.
I finally got a little bit of an appetite, so I had a leftover breakfast burrito for dinner.
My parents have been in Haiti on a medical mission trip for the past week. My Dad is a dentist, so he went to perform dentistry and my Mom went as his assistant. My Mom sent us some of these cool pictures, so I thought I’d share them with you. How adorable is this little girl (and my Momma)?
They flew out of Atlanta into Haiti in the tiniest of planes. Here’s my Dad standing in the aisle.
My Dad is the best dentist in the world. I love his giving heart and I’m thankful the people of Haiti were able to meet him. He was able to help so many people. He saw 40 patients a day!
Here are some more cuties. My Mom said they kept trying to convince her that she should give them her watch. She said it was hilarious and that they were so sweet and funny. I’m so proud of my parents! I’d love to go in a mission trip at some point, I’ll see what happens!
I had one of our breakfast burritos yesterday morning – so good!!! I added this hot sauce instead of Sriracha. YUM. I think I like this one (Valentina’s) on eggs better then Sriracha.
Guys, it’s really happening. Every time I get an email about graduation I get butterflies. I can’t believe it. I have a feeling I will be giddy the entire week leading up to graduation.

​Now if only a job would magically appear… ; )

Lunch yesterday was mahi-mahi and green beans. I cooked the green beans with coconut aminos (my favorite for veggies) and the mahi-mahi was seasoned with that Primal Palate seafood seasoning I love. I’m serious. If you like seafood, order some of that seasoning! I’m not sponsored by them or anything, I just LOVE their stuff! Link HERE.
Yesterday was another kind of lazy day as I let my body continue to heal. I did do an arm and an workout, stretch, soak, and foam roll. I also voted!
I was STARVING yesterday. I thought my appetite would go back to normal, but not quite! I found some snacks that Dawn (my birth mom) has given me in a beautiful basket for my birthday, so I had some of the crackers from that! They were delicious, especially with hummus and Sriracha.
These cookies also came in the basket and they’re amazing!! They have black pepper in them, which you can really taste. I love them.
Dinner was apple and Gouda stuffed chicken. Super simple and super good!
All you do is preheat your oven to 425, butterfly some chicken breasts (I did 3), slice a honey crisp apple into thin pieces, then fill each chicken breasts with the apple slice and cheese. I put one slice of Gouda in each chicken breast and placed one slice on top. I seasoned everything with thyme and garlic powder. That’s it! Cook for 30-50 minutes, based on how thick your chicken breasts are. Then enjoy!
After dinner, Jake and I went to 4 By 4 to have a beer and play Jenga. I won two out of the three games we played!
I’m heading to the Y later to get some time in on the elliptical. My legs feel almost back to normal! I don’t feel like walking, so I thought I’d try out the elliptical super slow and see how that feels. I might try and do a short run tomorrow, I’ll see how the elliptical goes today!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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