A sweet lifting app + all the snacks + ready!

Breakfast yesterday while watching Friends. I started Friends again on Netflix. It’s such a good show!
Thank you to Sports Research for sending me this awesome hand mixer! I cannot wait to use it. I ordered some pumpkin spice protein powder, so I can’t wait to add that to my coffee to make a yummy treat.
I headed to the Y mid-morning to spend some time on the elliptical. Look what was on when I started my workout – Friends! The elliptical felt really good. I took it easy and only did 20 minutes, but it still felt good to get my legs moving.
After the elliptical, I ran/walked a mile on the treadmill. My legs are healing really well! I will probably still wait until Saturday or Sunday to run, but my body is recovering how I wanted it too, so I’m thankful for that.
BCAAs after my workout! My muscles need all the good stuff they can get right now.
I’m really excited to share this app with you! Now that marathon training is over, I really want to focus on building some muscle. I know it will help my running, too. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to keep track of my workouts, so I did a little research. I’ve only used this app THIS week two times, so I’m not an expert and I don’t know everything about it, but so far, I really like it! It’s called Strong. You can pick a muscle group and then from there, choose various movements that work that area. Here’s an arm workout I did.
When you start the workout, it pulls up the below screen. It has reps and weight and a check mark for when you finish each round. I haven’t done this workout a second time yet to compare it to the first time, but I will share that once I do! I’m hoping it’ll track both of the workouts somehow and keep track of where I started and any improvements I make. Anyway, I really like how it’s set up, so I just wanted to share!
I found this picture from awards on Sunday! Jake gave me his jacket as soon as I crossed the finish line. I was so grateful because I couldn’t stop shivering!
Lunch yesterday – fish, green beans, chocolate cereal, and pretzels.
If you use Nuun, here’s my ambassador code I can share with you!! I love Nuun and use the immunity tablets and electrolyte tablets ALL the time.
Sometimes you need to just work on the floor. After my workout, I brought my computer to my yoga mat and knocked out a few things. Lu was passed out in Jake’s recliner.
Snack time – yogurt with collagen and oats and two banana pumpkin cookies.
More snacks…
Aaaaand yet another snack. I told you! I’m starving right now!
I got some chocolate milk at the store on Monday. I hadn’t had any until yestday. It’s so delicious.
Sorry for my creepy face. Lu and I got some good cuddles in before Jake got home from work.
Jake got home and we looked at bikes. He wants to get me a road bike, so it was fun to look at the different options. Who knew there were SO many different things to consider when look at bikes. Jake’s basically been riding since before he could walk, so he understands all the bike stuff. I don’t get any of it…I hardly rode a bike when I was younger, so I’m trying to learn! Also, we LOVE Winter Grind. 
Bikes and beers – Jake’s favorite things.
Dinner was leftover Gouda and apple chicken with salad.
I know rest and recovery are so important after a race, but I am ready to get back into running! This week is flying by, so I hope it continues to do that. I get antsy when I don’t run. 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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