YUM + a throwback to my first half + microblading!

I got this new pumpkin spice protein. It tastes like a pumpkin donut!! I had a little bit of it after my workout yesterday and loved it. I can’t wait to add some to my coffee later this morning. Mmmmm.
These breakfast burritos have been SO good. I love having something I can just grab and heat up. They have goat cheese in them, too, so that makes them even more delicious.
This popped up yesterday and made me laugh. My bib had the wrong name on it for my first half 8 years ago. We couldn’t figure it out, but the number was attached to my real name, so we went with it.
I love throwing oats into my yogurt (along with collagen). I like the texture it gives the yogurt. One of my favorite yogurt snacks is plain Greek yogurt topped with oats, frozen fruit, and honey. So. Good.
How pitiful is this little angel?
Waking up is hard.
I had a few people ask me about the Strong app I shared yesterday – this is what it looks like! I’m so excited that some of you are going to try it out! Let me know what you think!
I had a touch-up for my microblading yesterday. I shared what microblading is and all about my initial appointment HERE. Yesterday, I got to lay in this room and listen to relaxing music for 30 minutes while my brows got numb. It was amazing.
Getting numb! Microblading is seriously the best thing ever. I have really patchy eyebrows and this took care of that! I’ll post a picture once they’re all healed, but I’m so thankful I went through with the microblading. I was nervous about it since it’s on my face, but Liz at Acacia Spa is AMAZING. She’s so talented and she makes the time fly by. If you’re thinking about microblading, I HIGHLY recommend her. I’ve had a few friends go to her since I had mine done and they LOVED her.
Lunch was one of Jake’s turkey burgers and some green beans. One of the guys at his office made fried fish the other day, so he had an extra lunch. I was happy to eat it for him!
Gah! My new calendar came in!!! I have a calendar obsession. I love Erin Condren and have been using her calendars for 6 or 7 years. I loved her teacher planners, too, but since I’m not in the classroom anymore, the life planner is perfect for me. How cute is this cover???
Thai coconut curry hummus with Sriracha is amazing.
Dinner was simple – broccoli and apple chicken sausage. My little succulent came inside since it’s so cold right now.
I love red wine. Anyone else? This is a bottle from Dawn (my birth mom) that she gave me on my birthday. Thank you, Dawn! <3 It’s delish!
Did you guys see this?? Pete, a Hoka athlete, ran 55.3 miles a day, totally unsupported, from Alaska to Florida. How crazy is that?! In 98 days! Wow.
We might go hiking tomorrow, so I’m really excited about that! It’s going to be chilly, so we will bundle up. We have dinner with friends tonight and a party to go to Saturday night, so both of those will be fun! Other than that, we have an open weekend. I’m ready to RUN! I’m not sure if I’ll run Saturday or Sunday or wait until Monday. We will see how things go! Hiking will be good for my legs, too. This is my first week back to lifting consistently and I am SORE.
Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Rebecca best

    I really want to have mcroblading done but was told I couldn’t exercisee for 10 days after. Seems odd right? Does your aesthetician recommend any down time?

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Rebecca!
      10 days??? Wow! That’s a lot. I took 2-3 days off with my initial appointment and 2 days off this time. They heal really quickly, so 10 seems extreme!
      I have loved having it done, but taking the time off was the hardest! I tried to schedule appointments around times when I would be okay not running/working out. It’s hard!
      I hope you can find a time! And maybe not have to take so many days off…

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