Weekend Wrap-up!

It’s crazy to think this time last week I was waking up after my marathon and hobbling around! I have recovered REALLY well, which makes me feel good about my training. I still took the whole week off from running (I’m running today for the first time and can’t wait!) but I started lifting again on Tuesday of last week and I am SORE! I was going to try to run Sunday, but TMI – I started my period and was miserable, so I took Sunday off. 

Rewinding to Friday – breakfast was a burrito again. These were so good last week that I made them again for this week. No shame!

My last cup of coffee for the day included some almond milk and this pumpkin spice protein. Yum. That hand mixer works really well!
My first time using the hand mixer was a little dicey. I spilled some coffee.
But look how delicious and frothy that is?
I got some Lu cuddles in-between cleaning the house and answering emails.
I went to lunch with my Momma and the number for our order was 22, which is my favorite number. I was pretty excited.
We went to Wheelhouse, which is a new restaurant here in town. They have had a food truck for awhile, which I’d never been to, but now there’s a restaurant in the bottom floor of a hotel here. I was SUPER impressed with the food. I got the falafel tacos and they were amazing.
I saw this shirt at Uptown. It’s my life.
Lu hid a toy in the pillows of our guest room. Even if she isn’t hiding toys, she messes up these pillows at least once a week.
Trying to do an ab workout inside with this nut job is hard.
Im really enjoying this book! I almost have it finished, so I’ll let you know my thoughts when that happens.
For dinner Friday, Jake and I headed to Brew Co. The Mudhouse Stout they release for winter is one of my favorites.
I had a delicious burger with bacon and Pepper Jack cheese.
After dinner, we headed to 4 By 4 to meet some friends.
Liz, the pretty gal in the middle, is married to one of my best guy friends from high school. We LOVE her and I get so excited when they come to visit. Kayla met us up there, too!
Saturday morning, Jake and I headed to Arkansas for a little hiking. Check out these views!
There were so many frost flowers on the ground. They were so pretty.
Elk!!! Look at the rack on the one in the front, kinda in the middle, but a little to the right. It’s massive!
It was about 20 degrees when we started our hike at Lost Valley in Ponca, but it warmed up pretty quickly.
It was beautiful.
We had a blast and just took our time exploring.
Jake made me do this. He said I didn’t make a very good heavy lifting face. HA!
We got to see this 53 foot waterfall! I was so excited.
Jake is a little bit of a daredevil. Me, not so much. I was pretty content hanging out on the trail and taking pictures.
After we hiked, we took a little break to share this deliciousness. Another super amazing coffee stout from a brewery in Springfield.
Jake drove me by the elk a second time after we finished hiking. I love them.
We were starving, so after driving around a little bit more, we grabbed Chick-fil-a on our way home. It was so yummy. I hadn’t had it in forever. I could probably drink their Polynesian sauce.
We made it back home, got cleaned up, and headed to a birthday party.
Happy Birthday, pretty lady!!

My straight hair in a ponytail is even crazier than my curly hair. I put it up to get ready for bed and Jake laughed at me. I looked in the mirror and saw this.
Sunday morning was spent relaxing, making a meal plan, grocery shopping, and prepping. Lu is the best kitchen helper.
Jake was driving and I put my hat on him. He looked so cute.
Casserole time! A friend of ours just got a precious foster baby, so we will take a taco bake over to them today. I made an extra one for us for dinner and Jake requested spaghetti squash casserole for his lunches.
I also made more breakfast burritos.
My lunches are chicken with zucchini and yellow squash.
Jake got himself a nice little flame thrower. He has a little too much fun with it.
My Dad got back into town from Haiti last night, so he came over for dinner. My Mom is in a play in a few weeks at Springfield Little Theater, so she had rehearsal last night. My Dad filled us in on his trip and showed us lots of pictures. I can’t even imagine the things he saw. He took 14 teeth out of a girl one day. 14! Poor thing.
We had steak, sweet potatoes, salad, rolls, and cookies.
Yum. BBQ sauce on a sweet potato is life changing. 
This girl is happiest when my Dad is over. She wants him to hold her the whole time he’s here. If he puts her down, she will cry and cry. It’s pitiful.
Pre-bed cuddles with her Dad.
Jake is off work today, but he’s on call, so we won’t do much. I’m going to run and then lift. I am so excited for my run!! It’s cold here and supposed to rain, so I might be a wuss and run inside. We will see! I need to do a little grading, too.
Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    What a FUN weekend Chelsea!! I have decided that you MUST visit Steamboat Colorado! My parents just got back from updating their condo and they sent me some photos and I am so jealous of every thing they’ve done. Let me know and I will message you a link to their condo … it is close to the mountain and would be an awesome space for you and Jake! 🙂
    p.s. I think I need to hire you to do my meal prep!

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