First run back + new name + cold runs!

A lot of our friends ran Dogwood last weekend and it was COLD. This popped up and reminded me of how chilly this water was last year and it was even colder Saturday and Sunday. I can’t even imagine how cold it was this year! If you ran Dogwood last weekend, you’re amazing!!!
Lu’s new morning routine (when she FINALLY wakes up) involves aggressively shoving a toy toward us until we play. It’s fun. Especially when you’re holding a hot cup of coffee. Eye-roll.
Jake was off work yesterday, so we lounged around in the morning. It was really relaxing. I even got a hot breakfast burrito delivered to me in bed. Lu was still pretty focused on her toy, but she eyed the burrito a few times.
Anything wrapped in a tortilla = yum.
This popped up on my Timehope the other day. I had TOTALLY forgotten about this. Lu and Aspen ripped apart one of my favorite pillows one day while Jake and I were at work. I put them in time-out when I walked into the house and saw this. I love seeing things like this. 
Yesterday was my first run back since my marathon! It felt SO good. It was snowing and cold yesterday, so I was a wuss and did a treadmill run. I love running in the snow, but I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday, so I went to the Y. 
I did a 6 mile progression run and it felt amazing to get my legs moving. It was still snowing when I finished.
Lunch was chicken with zucchini and squash. I added BBQ sauce, too. This chicken is so good and all I did was cover it with coconut aminos and Everything But The Bagel from Trader Joe’s before I cooked it. 
I had a cookie for dessert. I’m beginning to think I need to change the name of my blog…maybe to something like What Chelsea Ate Today…HA! I kid, but really. All I do is eat…
Oh look, another picture of food. ; ) I’ve been adding collagen and oats to my yogurt every day. So good.
Dinner was the taco bake I made on Sunday. We just topped it with cheese and heated everything up until the cheese was melted. It was delicious.
My after dinner dessert was a coffee stout from Mother’s. I have always loved stouts, but once you add coffee, I think they’re the best thing ever.
There’s no personal space when we sit on the couch. It’s hard to tell here, but Lu has me smooshed up against the back of the couch. She only weighs 13 pounds, but man, she takes up all my room!
This was not super comfortable…but of course I’d never move a sleeping Lu. 
I joined some girls for a cold run this morning, so I laid out all of my stuff last night before bed.
We started our run at 5:15 and it was 18 degrees. BRRR! I joined two crazy fast girls this morning – Elise and Rebecca – and had a blast! They definitely pushed me, which I need. I’m going to try and run with them at least once a week. They’re awesome!
After a cold run, it takes me FOREVER to warm up. This post was written while I was curled up by the fire, under two blankets and my robe (put on after I took this picture because I couldn’t get warm), and sipping on coffee. Best way to start the morning!
I need to get caught up on the computer stuff I didn’t do yesterday, which is mostly grading, so I’m going to knock that out after I eat breakfast. I’m also working on writing up a workout/running plan from now until my 20-mile trail run in a few weeks. I have a strength workout calling my name later today, too. I love having a gym in our garage, but it’s too cold to go workout in there right now!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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