SUPER exciting + obsessed with this app + ONE MONTH!

I have some SUPER SUPER SUPER exciting news! I shared awhile ago that I am part of Team Trail Sisters (a women’s trail running community) – read more about Trail Sisters HERE. Well, Gina, the awesome founder, is starting local women only, no-drop, trail running groups! How sweet is that?? If you’re a female in the area (Springfield, MO) and would like to be added to the group, let me know! We also have an Instagram account – @trailsisters.spfld (link HERE) if you’d like to follow along! 
I stole this from Elise, but it felt like 6 when we were running Tuesday morning. BRRR!
After my run yesterday, Lu and I did a lot of chair sitting by the fire. She was having a hard time waking up.
A realllll hard time. Look at those eyes.
I added some chocolate milk to my breakfast yesterday. Quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. ; )
Our tub was loooking kinda dingy, so I spent about 30 minutes scrubbing it before I took an Epsom salt bath. When we move one day soon, I want a bigger tub. Maybe a jacuzzi tub!
Lunch was chicken with BBQ sauce, veggies, and a cookie. Because balance.
I worked on my computer most of the morning and early afternoon. I took a break for a snack and to get my workout from Monday in. I had a leg workout that I just ran out of time for, so I got it in yesterday.
I forgot we had these in our pantry. They’re good! They’re kind of sweet, but not over the top.
Trying to do abs inside on the floor with Lu is pretty impossible.
I am still loving this app!! I’m following a lifting program from 1st Phorm for a few weeks, so I just input the movements, weight, and reps, and I’m ready to go! This app is called Strong. I shared about it HERE. It does keep track of your history, so I really like that! But it only keeps track of the history before the current workout, it doesn’t show you day by day/week by week. Just the last weight/rep you did before the current. 
I knocked out my workout for Tuesday, too, so now I’m all caught up! Lu thought I was down on the floor to play with her during the Tuesday abs. She kept sprinting over to me, jumping into my lap, and attacking with kisses. I couldn’t stop laughing.
She’s lucky she’s sweet. I love when she gives hugs.
This is an old video, but this is how spunky she is. She’s always like this (unless she’s sleeping). She really is a sweetie. She’s playing with her heart worm medicine here. HA!

Anyone else obsessed with candles? I love when Yankee does the buy 2, get 2 free deal. I always stock up. I got some good Christmas scents and can’t wait to burn them.
Dinner was leftover taco bake. I made a version of THIS recipe. I doubled everything because I made this for another family, too, and I used half beef and half ground chicken. I also used corn tortillas instead of tortilla chips, just because we already had them. It’s a good leftover meal, too, so if you make it, make double! It’ll freeze well. You can add anything else that you’d like – this would be good with black beans, jalapeños, anything like that!
I’m going to tackle some emails this morning then head to the Y for a workout. I need to take our recycling today, too. It’s gotten a little out of hand. This week is going by super slow for me, but I am not complaining! I like it. The last year has seemed to fly by so quickly that I can hardly catch my breath. I’m enjoying these slower days.

Don’t forget, it you’re a trail loving lady and want to do some group trail runs, let me know and I’ll get you added to our Facebook group for Trail Sisters Springfield! <3

​Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering – ONE MONTH UNTIL GRADUATION!!!! WAHOOOOO!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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