Discount code + all the cuddles + come join!

DISCOUNT TIME! I have a 15% code for any of the Go Girl races! You can use it for the 5k or the half. If you want to sign-up, use CHELSEA15 to get a discount. Let me know if you have questions or have any issues! These races are a blast!

Also, another exciting running thing! If you’re a female trail lover, we have a new running group!! It’s called Trail Sisters Springfield and we have our first run THIS Saturday! We have a Facebook group (private – where I’ll post locations and meeting times) and a public Instagram (@trailsisters.spfld) – please feel free to follow and stay up to date on our get togethers! Let me know if you have questions!! Come join us!

Lu was SO cuddly yesterday morning. I had stuff I needed to do, but it sure seemed like more fun to lounge around and cuddle her.

Breakfast burrito time is the best time.
Have you seen this movie?? It’s so good! I LOVE this song. Also, their voices are amazing. I’m the worst singer in the world, so I’m envious of and really appreciate people with good voices.
I headed to the Y yesterday for some time on the elliptical. I kept it really easy and read my book the whole time. It was nice and relaxing!
I don’t care who you are, if you park like this in a busy parking lot, you’re a jerk.
Lulu wanted my lunch. I don’t blame her.
I sent this to Jake yesterday. Ha! (I 100% do not agree with this, but I like to tease him.) Mountain biking is terrifying.
The last cookie. What a sad day.
Dandelion tea and flaxseed milk. Mmmm.
Okay, Jake said I was weird and this sounded gross, but I want your opinion. I was cold yesterday after I lifted, but I wanted a protein shake. I like to mix my protein into my coffee, but it was too late in the day for me to have caffeine. Sooo, I heated up water and added my protein powder to that. It was GOOOOOD! Am I weird? Probably. I used my hand mixer and it made it super frothy. It was awesome.
Dinner was the last of our taco bake casserole.
I FINALLY opened the bottle of wine that Kayla and Jordan left for me after I defended my dissertation. They’re the best. And this wine was tasty! Thanks, girlfriends!

Toys everywhere, messed up rugs, pillows on the floor – Lu was here. That blanket was folded over the top of that recliner, too. This dog…
I asked him to take a picture with me. This is what I got. Pretty typical.
Wedded bliss!! ; )
This is one of my favorite base layers. It’s from Brooks. I can’t find it on their site anymore…
Pre-run hugs in the kitchen.
Getting all bundled! It was 21 when we left for our runs this morning.
This run didn’t go quite as planned. This picture was taken before things went South. The plan was to do 5 together, then I was heading back out to get 3 more. Well, RIGHT as we were hitting 5, I started thinking about how I’d get my next 3. All of a sudden, I stepped weird, heard a pop in my ankle, and the next thing I knew I was on the ground crying. I don’t know how I sprained my damn ankle, but I sure did and it hurts. Thank goodness we were close to home and Jake was with me. Poor guy carried me home. I gave him quite the scare. I couldn’t catch my breath after I fell and I couldn’t stop crying. He said he thought I had broken something. Sooooo, that really sucked. At least it’s just a sprain. Praying it heals up quickly.
Currently on the couch and icing.
I guess I won’t get my extra 3 miles in today. I’m just hoping I can run Saturday with all the girls. We will see! If nothing else, I can go hike and hang out.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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