Weekend Wrap-up!

This picture is from Saturday, but it just makes me so happy! Here are the Springfield Trail Sisters! We had our first run together Saturday morning. I didn’t get to run, but I still had a blast getting to know these women. I can’t wait to see what this group does! If you’re in the area, are a female, and want to have a group to run with, come join us! We would love to have you!!
Let’s rewind to Friday – the morning consisted of icing my ankle and enjoying a breakfast burrito. I texted my parents a picture of my ankle and my Dad suggested I get in to see a doctor to make sure nothing was torn or broken.
The swelling was definitely starting to go down, and it wasn’t crazy bruised, but I was curious about my recovery time. My Mom texted her friend who is married to an orthopedic surgeon, and within 20 minutes, his office was calling me to schedule an appointment for that day. It was a total God thing that they were able to squeeze me in so last minute. Thank you, thank you!!!
Lu and I got some good cuddles in on the couch before I left.
Wearing real shoes hurt, so I rocked my slides all day. As I was walking into the office for X-rays, I ran into one of the trainers who had been at Health Tracks. I had rehabbed my hamstring there, and then Jake and I worked out there for awhile, too. We loved going to Health Tracks, but just like to workout early in the morning and they weren’t quiet open when we wanted to go. Anyway, it was so fun seeing our old trainer. As soon as he saw me limping around, he asked what I had done this time and told me he was working with sports medicine. Long story short: my X-rays were fine! I came pretty close to tearing the main tendon that runs over my ankle bone, but I didn’t!! So thankful. The doctor suggested I see the sports medicine people to get taped up and started on rehabbing. Lucky for me, I told my doctor about the trainer I knew. Before I knew it, my old trainer was taping me and calling over to Health Tracks to see if they could get me in that day. It all happened so fast. How crazy is that?? Total God thing!! Health Tracks was able to get me in, so I grabbed lunch and took it over to my neighbor’s house (she has a herniated disc – poor thing) then headed to physical therapy. PT was a little painful. They massaged the swelling out of my ankle. Ouch. But once they did, I had a little bit more movement, so I’m not going to complain about that! We started on some strength building moves, too.
Most of my day Friday was spent dealing with my ankle, but I am SO thankful I was able to see all the right people. For dinner Friday night, we met friends at Galloway for dinner. Jordan and I both wanted two things, so we did what Jake and I normally do and shared them both. We shared the BLT and the tuna steak sandwich. Both were delicious. As always.
I wasn’t able to run Saturday morning, but we had our first Trail Sisters Springfield trail run, so there was no way I was missing that. I made a smoothie and took it with me to meet the girls.
10 awesome ladies showed up!! I was pumped. It was a little chilly and they rocked it!
It was such a gorgeous morning.
After the run, we all stood around and chatted, then it was back home for lunch. I had some of Jake’s leftover lunches from the week – spaghetti squash casserole.
We got a voucher for some wine, so I used it! The bottles were delivered late Saturday morning. 
We got this whole case for $69.99. We have only tried one of them so far and it was just okay, so we will see! I liked the wine more than Jake did. But now we are stocked up!
Okay, another total God thing. One of the girls that came to our run Saturday morning has this in her home. It’s called a Bemer and it helps with inflammation. While we were all standing around talking on Saturday, she told me to come use it. We were both laughing because we didn’t even know each other and she was inviting me to her house. After I ate lunch Saturday afternoon, I headed over and she let me use it! She took suc
h great care of me. She covered me with a blanket and stood and talked to me the whole time I used the machine. I was totally pampered! Thank you, Kimberly! You’re the best!!! I really think it helped! I had a little more movement after using it.
You guys know I love pizza. Well, exciting news! We tried a new place and it was INCREDIBLE. Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water. If you haven’t tried Luco’s Pizza, try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed!
I was still icing my ankle every chance I got. The swelling really went down on Saturday!
More cuddles with my best girl.
I slept in Sunday morning, then got up and made our meal plan. I was heading to the grocery store when Kimberly, the amazing woman with the Bemer machine, texted me and told me to come use it again. I told you she was awesome!! So, I went to use the Bemer and hang out with her before going to the store. After using the Bemer, I was starving, so I grabbed a smoothie and headed to get groceries. I got the new pumpkin chai smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. It’s SO good.
After the store, it was meal prep time! I’m having fish this week, so I cooked a leftover tilapia filet and the Mahi Mahi I had gotten at the store.
Our friend Coty came over. They were trying to find a football game, but their phones weren’t casting to our TV. They tried to figure it out forever, but it just wasn’t working. I may or may not have made fun of them the whole time, but they kept me very entertained. Lu obviously loves Coty.
My lunches for the week.
The boys finally decided to watch some Redbull Rampage, so I took a break from prepping to eat lunch and watch with them. I also iced my ankle.
I made THESE energy balls. So. Good. I didn’t really measure anything out, but I used these ingredients. You guys know I can’t follow a recipe! ; )
I NEEDED some cardio in my life. I’m still not running, but I had to do something. My ankle was still taped up and feeling really good. I did a TRX workout and it felt SO good to get moving.
Jake set up this heater for me in our garage. It makes it really warm in there!
Post workout BCAAs and an energy ball.
We had homemade butternut squash soup. I kinda followed THIS recipe, but I added more carrots and two zucchini to the soup. My immersion blender has to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It made this soup SO creamy and smooth.
If you ever see these at the grocery store, get them. You will not be disappointed.
Dinner was delicious. Those patties are incredible.
It’s a busy day, so I’m off to knock some things off my to-do list! I hope your weekends were amazing. How is Thanksgiving THIS week?? I can’t believe it. 
Happy Monday, friends!

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