Good news + come join + Daddy/Daughter lunch!

We are having smoothies for breakfast this week. These have spinach, flaxseed milk, protein, beets, collagen, MCT Oil, plain Greek yogurt, frozen banana, and ice in them. Mmmm.
I did the elliptical yesterday morning with ZERO ankle pain. (I was going to stop and just walk if my ankle hurt at all.) I’m still being super careful because my ankle is still bruised, but the swelling is almost gone! I’m ecstatic. After I worked out, I sipped on my BCAAs and went to physical therapy. I hadn’t been to PT since Friday and they were shocked at how well my ankle is improving. They couldn’t believe I was back to walking normally because I could hardly walk Friday. That made me feel SO good. I still need to massage the swelling out of the ankle and work on some strengthening things now, but I’m almost completely healed. Even better news – I got cleared to run!!!!! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle. ; )
Lu likes to sit next to me in this kitchen chair when I work at our counter. I walked into the house to her passed out in her chair. She woke up just in time for this picture.
Trail Sisters Springfield has three runs this week! Come join us!
We took a break for some couch cuddles before my dentist appointment.
My Dad is my dentist, so my appointments are always with him. We got to have lunch together, and since I had prepped so much food and forgotten that this week is Thanksgiving, I took extra food to my Dad’s office for us to have for lunch. Here are some old photos he has in his office…ha! A few in the bottom left are of my baby sister, Piper.
That wall is full of books! We watched a little Craig Ferguson while we ate lunch.
There were SO many bones in this fish filet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many bones before.
After lunch, I went to use the Bemer again. Here’s the adorable spot Kimberly has set up for this machine. It seriously feels like a spa! I’m so, so, SO grateful to her for letting me use the Bemer. I think it’s helping!!
On my way home, I stopped at the store to get some treats for Jake (and myself). We had been wanting to try the new Pale Ale from Mother’s, so I was excited when I found it at the store. We have some amazing breweries here in Springfield!
Back home to my bestie girl.
I think this will forever be one of my favorite race shirts. My first marathon will always be special!
Snack time – coffee yogurt and a rice cake with pepper Jack cheese.
I did a little band work in my living room.
Here’s my ankle as of Monday evening. Definitely still a little bruised, but feeling WAY better. I have full range of motion back!
Epsom salt soak time!
Dinner was leftover squash soup, salad, and garlic bread. Putting bacon on a salad is probably the best thing anyone can do.
I need to get caught up on grading and cleaning today. We have a group run this evening, so I might try to knock out a few miles. I’ll see how the ankle feels!
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Megan

    Oh my! Those beers look SO tasty! And I love the marathon shirt – it looks super comfy 🙂 And bacon makes everything better…always 😉
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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