Race photos + Lu is basically a model + another Trail Sisters run!

How excited do you guys think Jake was about his new beer the other night? Check out this face.
I love having smoothies, but I don’t think they’re my favorite for breakfast. I like breakfast food too much. Smoothies for dinner are more my style.
When you have dry skin and touch blueberries…
The pictures from my marathon were released yesterday. This is pretty much what all of them look like – determination and pain.
These energy balls are the perfect snack.
All. The. Grading. I’m teaching four online classes this semester and it’s A LOT of grading. A lot. But, I love it, so I’m not going to complain, other than telling you about all the grading… ; )
BBQ sauce makes everything better.
After a morning of cleaning and grading, I was ready to hit up the Y.
Anyone else have a dog that is more photogenic than they are? Yeah…me, too.
I leaned over to blow out a candle as I was leaving. As I was doing that, I wondered if the water bottle I was holding was open or closed. It was open. Water went everywhere.
I got 25 minutes in on the stair master. I always love seeing how many floors I climbed.
I definitely worked up a sweat. I had no ankle pain, so I was thankful about that!
I love the leg press. It’s probably one of my favorite weight machines. I wish we had one at our house.
After my workout, Lu and I played in the backyard for awhile. Her head tilt gets me every time!
This girl could play fetch for HOURS.
Thank you, Bettina and Dwayne, for the amazing coffee!!! You guys are the best!

I haven’t been feeling 100%, so I put Nuun Immunity tablets into my water and sipped on it all day.
We had another Trail Sisters Springfield meet-up! This week is kinda crazy with Thanksgiving tomorrow, but it was nice to run with these gals.
I still wasn’t feeling great when I got home, so I took an Epsom Salt bath.
The best husband ever made me dinner. Grilled cheese and a chicken and apple sausage. So. Amazing. 
I felt better after I ate, so I had a beer and popcorn while watching Friends in bed. I went to bed super early and woke up feeling a millions time better!
I went to use the Bemer again this morning and took all my Altras with me. Kimberly, the amazing women with the Bemer machine, is looking for new running shoes, so she tried on a bunch of mine. I’m glad my Altra obsession is helping someone other than myself! Ha!
I think I’m going to try and run again today…or I might wait until Thursday. We will see! We are staying in town for Thanksgiving – I’m excited to see our families tomorrow!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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