Puppies + try this recipe + our Thanksgiving!

I took yesterday off from blogging – while it was nice to be unplugged from my phone, I sure missed you guys! So, let’s get caught up. My fiend, Jyssica, is fostering the sweetest puppy. I went over to play with her on Wednesday and she is the most laidback puppy I’ve ever seen. She’s a 5 month old Golden Retriever and she is SO precious.
She’s lucky to have Jyss as her foster Momma. Jyss’ dog, Josie, loves the little pup, too.
After playing with other pups all morning, I had to come home and give mine some love. I dressed her up in her candy corn necklace to get her in the Thanksgiving spirit.
She obviously LOVES wearing it…
For dinner Wednesday night, we went to Galloway with Wade and Kayla. I had the Redbird and it was delicious.
After dinner, we went to our house to meet friends, then we all went back to Galloway for Wild Turkey Wednesday.
We didn’t stay out very late, but we had fun hanging out.
Jake and I slept in on Thursday, then got up and got outside. I ran while Jake rode his bike.
Jake rode by me at one point, so of course, I made him stop to take a picture.
I’m always scared of falling off my bike, so Jake fell off of his to make me feel better. But really, it just gave me anxiety.
it was a beautiful morning and I really enjoyed my run, despite what my face says here.
After we worked out, we got cleaned up and headed to my parents’ house. My Dad is always Lu’s favorite, but once he started cutting the turkey, Lu and my sister’s dog, Ralph, wouldn’t leave his side.
Lu played A LOT of fetch. A lot.
My parents have this really pretty office space in the front of their home. I love it.
My Mom had 11 people over for Thanksgiving lunch. It was such a fun morning getting to catch up with everyone.
Stuffing is hands down my favorite Thanksgiving food. I wasn’t upset about it being right in front of me.
YUM. Everything was so delicious.
My sister is pregnant and I CANNOT wait to meet my niece. Piper is due in March, so we are getting closer!!!
We had Jake’s family dinner later on, so I made a side to take with us. This was so easy to make and it turned out really good! Prosciutto wrapped asparagus and mozzarella. I used string cheese, which was Jake’s suggestion, and it worked perfectly. I pulled each cheese stick into 5 parts, then, all I did was take 4-5 asparagus spears (after being washed and the end cut off), put a piece of cheese in the middle, and wrapped one piece of prosciutto around everything. Once everything was wrapped, I cooked each one until the asparagus was tender and the prosciutto was crispy in olive oil. (About 3-5 minutes for each one). That’s it!
My favorite turkey.
Lu did not want to waste time taking pictures when there was food to be eaten.
My Mom did such a great job hosting. Everything was wonderful!
I loved cooking on their stove. I don’t cook with gas very often, so it was a fun experience.
The finished product.
I finished cooking and we hopped in the car and headed to Jake’s parents’ house. Jake’s Mom, Penny, makes this appetizer and it is AMAZING. I love it. I definitely eat way too much of it whenever she makes it.
Look at all of this goodness. I failed to get a picture of the beautiful turkey and ham Jake’s Dad smoked, but they were incredible.
Round 2! YUM.
Stuffed and ready to take my jeans off. HA! I have never been so happy to put sweats on.
We had a wonderful day with our families I LOVE that both of our families are in town and less than 20 minutes from us. Now I’m off to run (I think) and enjoy the day with Jake!
Happy Friday, friends!


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