Cyber Monday + compensation pain + lots of Lu!

Sunday night cuddles on the couch. I love Mondays, but I don’t think Lu feels the same…she didn’t want Sunday to end. 
Monday morning was spent blogging, answering emails, and doing a little Cyber Monday shopping. Anyone else knock out their Christmas list this way?? I got pretty close! After some serious shopping, I took a break to eat breakfast.
Lu was tired of Cyber Monday shopping. She fell asleep on my wallet.
I wanted to head out for a run, but I got hungry, so I had a waffle with honey. This was my last blueberry waffle. I’m always sad when they’re gone and I forgot to get more at the store.
Ankle update, still a little bruised, but feeling better! It’s still kind of sensitive if I step on it wrong, so I’m being careful. It’s just bruised in that one spot…
I put all of my running stuff on, but was definitely procrastinating my run. Lu and I played and cuddled.
This is Lu’s favorite move if we aren’t giving her the attention she wants. It cracks me up.

It was chilly yesterday! I even waited until noon to run. Unfortunately, my run didn’t go as planned. I had the same knee pain I had Saturday. I’m sure it’s compensation pain for my ankle, but still…I don’t like knee pain. It makes me nervous. I ran a mile and then when the pain didn’t go away, I turned around and walked back to our house. Looks like I need a little more down time.
Lunch was chicken sausage, veggies, and my favorite fiesta lime crackers.
I was trying not to be bummed about my run, so I wrote up a little lifting workout. I upped my weight on a few moves, so that made me feel good! I’m still loving this Strong app.
Post workout snack – yogurt with collagen and a piece of pumpkin banana bread.
Dinner was leftover sweet potato chili. This is definitely my favorite chili.
I got hungry before bed and didn’t want to eat anything super heavy – I had an energy ball and it was perfect.
I got up early to go to the Y…I was hungry when I woke up (typical). I don’t like working out with a lot of food on my stomach, so I had another energy ball. I love having these things to just grab on the go.
I would much rather run than do anything else, but the elliptical is a close second as far as cardio is concerned. Since my knee was sore on my run yesterday, I wanted to test it out on the elliptical this morning. It felt okay!

If any ladies out there want to sign-up for any of the Go Girl races – 5k or half-marathon – you can use CHELSEA15 to get 15% off! That code is good for any of the races – Springfield, OKC, St. Louis, or Columbia. They’re a blast!

This song popped up on my Spotify and I really liked it! I love the pre-made mixes Spotify makes based on songs you like. I always discover new songs through those playlists. 
I’ve got a busy day, so I’m ready to get started on my To-Do list. I’m going to a TRX class tonight at a new gym here in town – I can’t wait!!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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