Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday morning, Lu and I went over to my parents to workout. Well, I worked out. Lu was given the bacon grease…spoiled much?
My Mom hopped on her elliptical while I ran. I want a treadmill SO badly. I’m super thankful I’m able to use my parents’.
I knocked out 8 miles of hill work. It was tough, but felt amazing. My ankle didn’t hurt at all!
Jake ran outside in the cold rain while I ran on the treadmill. After our runs, we went to lunch. We grabbed wings and beer and watched the Mizzou Arkansas football game.
After lunch, we ran a few errands, then I took some time to relax with an Epsom salt soak.
Jake left Saturday morning to do an overnight camp/float, so we had a date night at home Friday night. Jake cooked up all of this deliciousness for us. I love those Banza noodles. Thank you, Banza, for sending me some goodies!
Then we spent the rest of the evening watching I, Tonya and relaxing. Lu sure loves her Dad.
I love when my girlfriends leave notes like this and I don’t notice them – we love you, Buchholz!
Saturday morning started with a Trail Sisters Springfield run! We had planned to run local trail, but after all of the rain, we didn’t want to do any damage, so we stuck to the pavement.
We grabbed coffee after our run. It was so fun to sit around and get to know each other a little better. We have all ages and all levels – so if you’re a female and ever want someone to run with, find us on Facebook and Instagram.
Here’s my ankle as of Saturday morning. It’s hard to get a good picture of it, but there’s still a little swelling and bruising, but it’s getting better every day! I took things easy last week, so that was good. I’m antsy to get back into some longer mileage. I know I’m not going to be where I’d like for my 20-miler in two week, but that’s okay. I’m just beyond grateful the I’m going to get to run!
After my run, I showered and then relaxed with Lu until lunch time. Someone asked me the other day if I’ve adjusted to post-dissertation life. I honestly don’t know. I have mornings where I wake up in a panic thinking I forgot to write something or cited a source wrong, etc. Probably the biggest change right now is having free weekends. For the past 11 years, for the most part, my weekends were spent working on homework or writing my dissertation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did ALL kinds of fun things and I don’t feel like I missed out at all, but I definitely planned out every minute of my free-time. That’s probably the biggest adjustment for me right now. I’m so used to saying no to things because I had to work – that’s not really the case right now! It’s a little unsettling. Whenever we are out doing something, I find myself getting anxiety about not being near my computer. Then I remember that I am finished. It’s still surreal! And graduation is in 3 weeks. I can’t wait!!! So, no, I don’t think I have completely adjusted to post-dissertation life. Maybe after graduation it’ll feel more real? 
One of my
good girlfriends, who I have known since I was 6 or 7, lives in Chicago. BUT, whenever she’s in town, we do a mother/daughter lunch. It’s always a blast. On Saturday, we went to Haruno for lunch. Adrienne and I ate ALL of the sushi. I think I could drink this salad dressing. No joke.
Check out this deliciousness.
I love our time together.

After lunch, Lu and I decorated for Christmas. Jake was gone on his float, and since he always gets things down from the attic for me, I thought I’d surprise him. Turns out decorating makes me hungry. (Well, all things make me hungry, but you know this.) Nut-Thins with hummus and Sriracha = the best snack.
Aaaand chocolate. This is hands-down my favorite chocolate. If you ever see it in the store, get it.
I loved our lazy afternoon.
I have been wanting some lamps for our bedroom. I found these in our attic! I forgot I had them at my apartment. They don’t match anything, but they were free, so I’m going to use them. We had talked about doing some remodeling, but we have kind of put that on hold because we aren’t sure where we will be next year. We have been looking at houses (not very seriously right now), but hopefully will buy something within the next year or so.
Kayla and I went out for dinner Saturday night. We started at Cellar and Plate. We each had a wine flight, which was so fun.
We shared some of their homemade salted nuts while we waited on our food.
I ordered scallops and spicy brussels. Holy cow. Both were phenomenal. I was so impressed.
Here’s the evidence. I basically cleaned my own plates!
After dinner, we went to Progress and had an Old Fashioned. Kayla had never been to either place, so it was fun to take her for the first time. How cute is she in her cowboy hat??
Kayla and I made plans to get breakfast Sunday morning, so we headed to Houlihan’s. Neither of us had had their brunch yet. We loved their mugs! I want some with Bs in the handles for Bradley.
I had eggs, toast, bacon, and fruit. It was really good.
After brunch, it was time for meal prep! I got some sweet potato chili going in the crockpot, then I started on lu
nches for the week.
I roasted our veggies with ghee, garlic powder, paprika, and a little salt. So. Good.
My lunches are veggies and chicken sausage. Mmm.
Jake is having shredded BBQ sandwiches with sweet potato bites.
Breakfast will be this egg and veggie casserole – it has onion, broccoli, leftover veggies, breakfast apple chicken sausage, and cheese.
I also made a pumpkin banana bread. It stayed pretty gooey, which I love.
Jake got home from his float/camp trip and took a little nap. Then we relaxed and he told me all about it. He was with his Dad and another friend and they had a blast!

We had the sweet potato chili for dinner and it was amazing. Jake said it was the best chili he’s ever had. You guys know me and recipes (I’m the worst at measuring)…I’m sharing it here so I don’t forget what I did!

Here are the ingredients for the chili. For the sweet potatoes, I used a whole regular sweet potato, half a Japanese sweet potato, and half a purple sweet potato. These are a little sweeter and since I love sweet chili, they add a nice flavor. The sugar is brown sugar, it’s just titled weird on the container. That Rubies produce is just a container of cherry tomatoes, chopped in half. I also added about a cup of homemade bone broth I got from a friend and about a cup of water – just enough to cover everything in the crockpot. I cooked everything on high for 5 hours.
Here’s the nutrition information, if you’re interested.
Anyone doing any crazy Cyber Monday shopping?? I might do a little! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!
Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Megan

    You go girl! That meal prep looks AMAZING…I have serious envy! I missed out on my major meal prep this Sunday because I was hiking (so not a bad thing haha)…I did a little “mini prep” tonight instead. Thanks for sharing the chili recipe – I think that will go on my meal prep for this Sunday 🙂 Would you mind sharing the pumpkin banana bread recipe?? That looks delicious.
    Also, love the girlfriend date night…best friend dates are the best AND it looks like you guys had some seriously delicious food and wine 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

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