All the productivity + ALL the snacks + TRX loooove!

Breakfast this week has been egg casserole and waffles. I don’t like this egg casserole as well as others I have made. I couldn’t figure out why, then I remembered I forgot to put garlic powder and black pepper in the casserole before I cooked it. Whoops.
I spent all morning on the computer. I helped my brother-in-law with a paper he’s writing, finished ALL grading in my four classes, answered emails, and knocked out a few other things. About the time I finished my computer work, I realized it was lunch time. Same lunch – chicken sausage, veggies roasted in ghee, and crackers.
These are some of my favorite crackers. Their flavor is amazing.
I finished up some laundry and had another snack. Look at this pumpkin banana bread. YUM. It stayed a little gooey and I love it. A reader asked for the recipe, it’s HERE. I added half a can of pumpkin and had to cook it a little longer. 
It wouldn’t be a successful day without some Lu cuddles.
Jake and I are going to get our Christmas tree this week – this popped up on Timehop. I guess this is the week we always go!
Yogurt with collagen and oats is my favorite right now. I’m probably going to eat it too much and get sick of it, but I’m loving it.
I was super hungry yesterday. I had another snack before TRX. Carrots with hummus and Sriracha. Mmmm.
I went to TRX with Kayla at The Studio and had a blast! I have missed TRX classes. It’s definitely one of my favorite workouts. I failed to get a picture of us after, but we were drenched. I was already sore from lifting on Monday, so now I am REALLY sore. Jake had a meeting with a bike team that he’s on, so Lu and I had a girls’ night at home after my class.
I have one more serving of chili, but I froze it. I will definitely remember this recipe. I shared it HERE (at the bottom of the post). It was SO good.
This made me laugh. 7 years ago, when my Mom said “Ditto” to me telling her I loved her. HA! My Mom’s name is Carmen and I like to call her Carmelicious or Carmy, hence her name in my phone. (I call her Mom most of the time, the nicknames are for special moments…or when she’s being goofy.)
I have a doctor’s appointment later today and I have to go to it fasted. It’s not until 10:30! By then I’ve usually had breakfast and a snack…I slept in a little to help me get to the appointment without food. I know I’m going to be hangry! It’s just my yearly physical, so nothing crazy, but I guess they’ll draw blood? Not sure. They did tell me I could have coffee. They must know how I get without it…

I might run after my appointment to see how my knee is feeling. If it hurts, I’ll stop. It has felt pretty good, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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