Doctor’s appointment + all the happiness + perfect timing!

Having a fire going is one of my favorite things when it’s cold out. I can’t wait to have our tree up and decorated. I love the smell of a real Christmas tree. Anyone else get a real tree?
These gowns are so flattering. I think I need one at home. ; ) I didn’t have any blood drawn or anything, so I guess the whole being fasted thing was just for weight? No clue! The nurse who took my vitals turned to me after getting my pulse and said, “Your pulse is really low…are you a runner?” Ha! 
After my appointment, I went home and  walked into the house. I’m usually greeted by Lu, but she didn’t come to the door. I found her like this. She’s seriously the sweetest dog. Sorry about my annoying voice…

I was SO happy to get home and eat breakfast after my appointment. I knew I’d regret this later on my run, but I was too hungry to go run before I ate.
After breakfast, I got caught up on emails, and then had lunch…I tried to make it work so I’d have lunch after my run, but I was just hungry all morning, so that didn’t happen. 
Preworkout for an afternoon run. I don’t love running later in the day, but I wanted to see how my knee was feeling, so I headed to the Y around 2 to get an easy run in. I also took some Tums because I knew I was going to have acid reflux. If I can let my food settle for at least 3 hours before a run, that seems to help, but I wanted to beat the workout rush in the afternoon, so I didn’t give myself that full time. 
I definitely had awful acid reflux, but this is the face of someone who ran with ZERO pain!! I only did 2 miles and I stayed slow, but man, it felt SO good.
I had major acid reflux after my run, too. It seems to stick around until the next day once it flares up like that. I wish that didn’t happen. I stopped by the store on my way home and picked up some ginger kombucha. It helps settle my stomach.
EVL Nutrition, you get me. When you have on serving left of BCAAs and find this package on your front step when you get home from your workout. Yessss. I’m trying their preworkout for the first time – stay tuned!
When you and your hubby wear the same deodorant…and you LOVE Amazon. I think we are set for awhile!
Another week of having these. Holy cow. They’re so good. I like to recreate recipes that we love, but these are just too good. I think I’d do them a disservice.
First time trying this riced vegetable pilaf. It was super good! Highly recommend. It has the perfect amount of spice/flavor and didn’t leave me feeling gross like other packaged things sometimes do. The brand is Alexia. Sorry, I cut it before I took the picture. 
This dinner was delicious. Those turkey patties, riced veggie pilaf, garlic bread, and salad. Mmmm.
If this girl isn’t knocking all of our pillows off the furniture, she’s making a bed on top of them.
I talk about my love for TRX a lot. I read THIS article, which shows how to use the TRX straps to improve form and build strength as a runner (and just in general). The Squat to Row and Curtsy Lunges are two of my favorite moves! Now I can start knocking out some TRX workouts during the week!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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