Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday morning pre-run breakfast – honey doesn’t bother my stomach, but syrup does. Is that weird?
I’m having some IT Band pain. I’m not sure if it’s connected to my ankle sprain (same leg), but I’m wondering if my knee got tweaked when I went down two weeks ago. My ankle is still a little sore, but it’s healing. I got about 2.5 miles in before my IT Band started hurting. It’s not an injury pain, it’s more a dull nagging pain. I decided to run a little more to see if I would loosen up. I stopped to stretch a little after 3 miles and it totally locked up. I made it 3.5 miles and walked the rest back to the house. Grrrr. I’m not doing any running or anything that resembles running until my race this Saturday. I have a 20-miler that I really would like to be able to run. Fingers crossed. I might try one mile super easy the day before, just to see how the knee is feeling, but that’s it!
I really hate wearing gloves when I run. They’re the first things I take off!
At least it’s beautiful around here!
After run burrito – yum. Filled with chicken sausage, beets, brussels, and goat cheese.
Couch cuddles and emails.
The last of the sweet potato chili.
Christmas came early! Skratch stuff.
See that cat in the backyard? Not ours. Lu was not happy about the intruder.
Christmas tree time!
Jake grilled for us Friday night and I took care of the sides. This dinner was delicious.
I used to not like steak. At all. Now I love it. And I want it cooked medium rare.
We had a crazy storm from about midnight to 2AM early Saturday morning. There were tornado warnings, so we sat in our bathroom from 1-1:30. Jake got called out to work at 2:30. It was a long night for him! I think Lu liked the extra cuddles. 
Saturday morning, we had a Trail Sisters Springfield run. I didn’t run, but it’s always fun to see the girls. Look at them go! We skipped running trail because of the storm.
Lu joined us and wore my Trail Sisters buff. She loved it.
We all grabbed coffee afterwards!
This group knocked out some trail miles! They didn’t see the change of plans, but they crushed their runs!
Lunch was the most delicious open-faced BLT I have ever had. Poor Jake worked until almost 3PM.
Emergen-C on the go. I drink this once a day, just to really amp up my Vitamin C intake.
My Mom is in a play here in town, so we met my parents for dinner before we watched my Mom perform. The Old Fashioneds at The Order are some of my favorite.
These appetizers were incredible. Duck wings and the rangoons.
This was the first time I’ve ever been disappointed in my meal at The Order. This was the salad I ordered. Thank goodness I got a side of chicken, otherwise I would’ve been starving. Super bummed.
If you’re ever in town, go to Hotel Vandivort and take a selfie in their bathrooms.
How adorable is this necklace? Sarah, a friend, makes them! She owns Sarah’ndipity – Check her out HERE!
So proud of our star! My Mom (and the entire cast) did such an awesome job.
Sunday morning started with a trip to the grocery store. Check out those coupons!
I love ghee, but I don’t really like it mixed with the coconut oil. I won’t get this blend again.
I had breakfast and then started on meal prep!
Roasted veggies in ghee.
Carmelized beets. My favorite.
We will have sausage, veggies, and eggs for breakfast this week.
I made some apple chicken for Jake’s lunches. He got some apples from a buddy at work, so I used those.
Guys, pineapples are 77 cents at Lucky’s right now! I bought two.
Beef burger patties. 
I also made Jake some BLTs and sweet potato rounds.
I finished prepping and had lunch – leftover steak, beets, and sweet potatoes.
Since I’m not running until next week, I’ve been trying to do other things to get moving. I tried the recumbent bike yesterday afternoon. I took my book, so that helped a little. I could only do 20 minutes though. I got bored. 
Dinner last night was salmon and veggies.
Happy Monday, friends!

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