Truth + the best workouts + aggression…

Since I don’t have to dress up and go to school every day right now, this is my daily struggle. I have decided I’m going to apply to volunteer in schools right now while I’m not working. I miss kiddos! Don’t worry, I’ll wear real clothes.
Being married to your best friend really is the best. We are both stubborn, so sometimes we butt heads, but hey, that makes it more fun, right? ; ) For those of you who know Jake (and how stubborn he is), he told me the other night that I was more hard-headed than he was. Normally I’d argue with that statement, but he might just be right. Scary, huh? ; )
Early Monday morning TRX fun! I sat in my car and finished off my coffee before heading into The Studio. 
I. Love. These. Straps. TRX is seriously one of my favorite workouts. If you ever get a chance to take a class, GO! Then tell me what you thought, of course! I have my own TRX straps at home, but sometimes it’s nice to take a class with other people. I’ve been really enjoying going again. 
How awesome is this?! I treated myself to a hazelnut coffee from Panera after TRX. Our coffee maker is on the fritz, so I didn’t have coffee to go back home to. Panera has these new quick checkout computers. I literally walked in, typed in my phone number, ordered my coffee, got my coffee, paid, and left! It was SO easy. This computer even saves your favorite orders! That way you can just click once and everything is taken care of. Well done, Panera. Well done. I guess I am easily amused, but I was pumped about using this. 
Breakfast! Remember those sweet potato turkey burger patties I kept talking about? Well, they have breakfast sausages! Mind. Blown. They’re incredible. Mighty Spark Foods – I love you. 

After breakfast, I went to my chiropractor (Active Life Chiropractic) about my knee/ankle. The two are definitely connected! The good news – it’s likely the pain I’m having is from trigger points. Trigger points are knots in your muscle. My chiro (Dr. Thomas) said I have trigger points from my ankle all the way up to my knee and then around my knee. (Jake said the same thing Sunday night and he actually helped me massage one of them out. OUCH.) Dr. Thomas is a life saver and  massaged them, then I had cold laser therapy. I feel a lot better! Fingers crossed that helps and I get to do the 20-miler on Saturday! 

I was standing up and working at my computer. I looked down and saw all these toys and this cute little face. I hadn’t notice her bringing me toys. Sorry Lu, your Mom is lame. Lu is staying with my parents this weekend – she’s pumped. She LOVES my Dad.
Lunch was a lettuce wrapped bacon burger with beets.
Aaaaah. It’s so relaxing to take an Epsom salt bath… ; )
So aggressive. Lu literally only weighs 13 pounds, but I still I had to work to get my arm out of her death grip here. She’s strong!
When one of your besties sends you a picture of one of you favorite wines and tells you she’s making one of your recipes – she made my night! It also just made me miss her.
Jake got home from work and then met some buddies for dinner. I was supposed to have salmon and veggies, but it just didn’t sound good and my sweet tooth was kinda crazy. So, I made a protein mug cake!
All I did was scramble an egg in my mug, add one scoop of protein, one scoop of collagen, and maybe 1/4 cup of water. I mixed that all together, threw a couple pieces of dark chocolate in for good measure, and microwaved it all until it was solid. About 3-4 minutes. 
This is after it cooks. 
Then I topped it with PB2 and chowed down!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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