Weekend Wrap-up: Part 1!

We had such a fun weekend! We got to do so many different things. Since I don’t want this post to take you an hour to read, I’m going to break the Weekend Wrap-up into two part. Today covers Friday and Saturday!

Friday morning I had some training and paperwork for subbing (I mentioned the other day that I’ve been bored and missing my time in the classroom, so I’m going to sub a little bit while I’m on the job hunt.) Before that meeting, I chowed down on this delicious breakfast. Beets, mushrooms, zucchini, eggs, and bacon.

My training went really well! Afterward, I met my parents for lunch. I had decided Friday morning that I would drop from the 20 mile race to the 5k. While I was bummed, I knew dropping down was what was best for my body. I planned to just run the race for fun and enjoy some trail time. I got a monster beer at lunch – Winter Grind. Mmm. I also had the veggie burger.
Jake got home from work and we hit the road! Our races were in Bella Vista, Arkansas, so we rushed down there to get our packets before the store closed.
I was already missing Lu and it had only been a few hours.
This is the song we danced to at our wedding. I love when it randomly plays on my phone. We jammed out the whole drive down to AR.
The race director teased us about both dropping distances. Jake dropped from the 40-miler to the 20. The race director wrote broken ankle on my race bib and weenie on Jake’s. HA!
After we got our packets, we headed to Oven & Tap for dinner. I had the most delicious grapefruit mule there.
We shared this amazing brussels sprouts salad and a pizza. I splurged this weekend and had a little dairy! Worth it.
We stayed in the cutest Airbnb. Here’s the bedroom!
The living room.
And the kitchen. We loved it!
After we dropped all of our stuff off at the house, we headed out to grab a beer. I decided to get a flight. Can you tell I wasn’t taking this race very seriously? ; )
After our beers, it was back to the house to relax and have dessert – Oreos!
Baggy Christmas jammies for the win.
I relate to this SO much. I’m a chapstick addict.
We got up about 5:30 on race morning and had breakfast. White bagels with almond butter and a banana. Also, how adorable are those coffee mugs???
Jake’s back had been bothering him, so we were hoping it wouldn’t hurt during his race.
We love race weekends!
Here’s all the 40 and 20 mile runners! They started first.
The 5k started after the 13 mile race started. I didn’t really have a race plan, I just wanted to run and not have my ankle or knee hurt. I started out toward the front and before I knew it, I was the 6th person! I felt really good and just did what my body wanted. My knee started hurting a little about mile 2.8, but that was about it! My ankle felt fine, still a little unstable, but I didn’t have any pain. I passed a few people and finished 1st female and 4th overall! Definitely wasn’t expecting that, so I was excited. It was a fun race! I want to go back and do the 20 next year.
Post race beer.
Alex also did the 5k! She’s another Springfield Trail Sister, so I was pumped to get to hang out with her.
The post race food was chicken, catfish, and hush puppies.
Here are some of the amazing Springfield Trail Sisters who got together Saturday morning to run back home!

This heater was my best friend on Saturday. It was chilly.
Look at this cutie go! He didn’t finish where he wanted to on Saturday. His back and hips were killing him and his stomach was a mess. Poor guy. But I’m so proud of him. He didn’t quit! He’s pretty easy on the eyes, too. ; )
I blew out my trail shoes. Sad day.
After Jake finished, we went back to the house to clean up, then we headed out for some food. We shared these nachos at Table Mesa. YUM.
After lunch we relaxed and took naps. It was SO nice to curl up and get warm. For dinner, we went to Tusk and Trotter. I had that drink at the very top, Frozen in Thyme. Holy cow. It was amazing.
We shared some veggie, rice, and sausage fritters.
And a portobello mushroom sandwich. This sandwich was the best thing I’ve ever had. EVER.
How cool are these race shirts? I love the race art.
Oh yeah, one more INCREDIBLE thing – two of our besties got engaged!! We love you, Jordan and Trevor! CONGRATS! <3 <3 
I’ll share about the rest of our weekend tomorrow! I hope everyone had the best weekend – so many people were out there crushing goals. I love seeing the awesome things that you guys do!
Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    What an AMAZING trip! I love when you guys go on weekend trips that you guys visit some local restaurants and give such honest reviews. Do you think you could link to the AirBnB that you stayed at? Then others in the future could reference your post for a place to stay if they run the race you did!! 🙂

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