Cookie fun + stocking up + girlfriend time!

Have I told you about my favorite meal? BREAKFAST. ; )
I ran some errands yesterday morning. One of those errands included picking up some goodies for my graduation party. Sam’s had all the good wine! I may have gone overboard…
Then it was baking time! We made so many yummy treats. Here are a few of them!
My girlfriend, Jordan, got engaged over the weekend. We had girls’ night last night, so Kayla, Jyss, and I put this together for her. We are SO excited!
I ate WAY too much cookie dough, so I felt pretty sick to my stomach. (Worth it. Kinda.) I had a bunch of random things for lunch – Nut-Thins, a protein shake, grapes, and a veggie sausage.
The four of us girls went to The Annex for dinner. We gave Jordan her goodie box. How cute is she??
I had the meatball plate and it was delicious.
After dinner, we headed to a new bar called Reverie. It’s awesome and they have delicious Old Fashioneds.
We had the best night together! Also, check out that new bling bling on Jordan’s hand (the one with the mint leaves in the drink.) So, so, so happy for her and Trevor!
We kept laughing and couldn’t get a normal picture, ha! We finally managed to get one, but the lighting isn’t great.
I went to a new class this morning called BEATS. It was fun! You have a partner and do different strength and HIIT moves. There are 5 rounds and each round, my partner and I would switch between two moves. It was a great workout! It was at 5AM, so I came home and crawled back into bed…whoops!

​Guys, GRADUATION IS TOMORROW!!!!! I can’t believe it. Wahoo!

Happy Friday (and graduation) Eve, friends!

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