My graduation party + kindergarten + ready!

My parents hosted the most fun graduation party Sunday afternoon. Here are some of the treats we had. Everything was so delicious and I loved getting to see all of my people.
I hid Lu’s toys so she wouldn’t be bothering people with them. She was pretty annoyed with me. She stared at the croquet balls in my parents’ entertainment center, thinking she could play with them.
So thankful & very blessed to have such awesome friends!
The best sister-in-law ever.
One of my favorite running buddies.
I got to be in these love birds’ wedding. Thank you for traveling to come celebrate with me!
More of my favorite beautiful gal pals!
Is it really a party if you and your girlfriends don’t take a selfie in the bathroom? ; )
How cool are these cookies and this ornament?? Jake’s Grandma Rosa Lee gave them to me. The cookies are SO delicious. I love them!
Jake’s Aunt and her family got me this glass. I am OBSESSED. One side says Dr. Bradley and the other says Ph.inisheD. I love it so much!
A few of us went to dinner Sunday night after the party, then it was home and time for bed for me! I had a blast celebrating all weekend, but my body was ready to chill. I subbed Monday morning in a kindergarten classroom. It was fun to be back in the classroom. But dang, you kindergarten teachers are saints. 

Funniest story from the day: a little girl came in late and I introduced myself to her. After I told her I was Mrs. Bradley, she looked at me and said, “I know who you are. I saw you on TV.” Then she just walked away. I asked her later what she meant and she said she had seen me on the news and that I was a doctor. HA! No clue what she was talking about, but it gave me a good laugh.

Kindergarten art. A little girl walked up to me before recess and said, “This is my art. It’s for you.” Then she ran away. She did come back later and ask if I liked it. So sweet.
When you have 5 minutes to spare before lunch, play Heads Up 7 Up.
Things were crazy, so I scarfed this down for lunch. I was starving the rest of the day.
This cutie asked me to walk laps around the playground with him at recess.
I was feeling lazy after school, so I went to Lucky’s
to get stuff to meal prep today. I 100% did not feel like cooking, so I grabbed some of their pre-made meals. We had quesadillas and tamales for dinner. It was delicious.
That blanket was folded up and at the end of our bed when I got home from school. After dinner, Lu got tired of us and went into our room to nap. She thinks this blanket is hers. 
I am subbing again Wednesday, in a 5th grade class, which is the first grade level I ever taught! I’d like to be subbing 2-3 days a week. I think I’ll enjoy that! I am ready to use this day to get some stuff finished (Ph.inisheD – HA) around the house. Things were so crazy with graduation and then subbing Monday that I didn’t get to prepare for the week like usually do. No biggie, I’ll just get it done today!

We have the MORC Christmas Party tonight at Great Escape Beer Works. If you’re into mountain biking, tacos, and good beer, you should come and join MORC! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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