Lazy meal prep + MORC Christmas fun + 5th grade!

For breakfast yesterday I made a massive veggie, egg, and sausage scramble. It was delicious.
After breakfast, I headed to the Y to spend some time on the elliptical. I am now over a week into my ‘no running’ time. It’s going okay, but I’m definitely anxious to get back to running. I will start marathon training January 2nd, so I’m counting down the days! I am feeling a ton better, so I think I’m going to test things out on Saturday with my Trail Sisters Springfield group. If you want to come join us, find us on Instagram! I wore my favorite Springfield FitLife tank to the Y yesterday. 
I came home and made lunch/meal prepped. I made a bunch of sesame chicken, which is my favorite. I use coconut aminos, so this recipe is a little healthier than other sauces. It’s so easy! I just sauté cut up chicken in ghee, coconut aminos, and sesame seeds. That’s it!
Jake and I will have sesame chicken and veggies today for lunch, and then he will have this the rest of the week. This is what I call “Lazy Girl Meal Prep”, ha!
Multi-tasking so hard. Grading and doing some strength training. I taught 4 online college courses this semester and grades were due yesterday. I am officially on break!!!
Always waiting for her Daddy to get home.
When you start running the bath water and then get busy doing something else. Thank goodness I remembered before it overflowed. We are almost out of our Epsom salt, so I’m trying to potion it out until more is delivered.
This was my view the entire time I was soaking.
Zero personal space.
I laugh so hard whenever she sits like this.
My friends, Michelle and Ryan, gave me this card for graduation. It’s awesome.
I started working on Thank-Yous for all the amazing people who came to my graduation party. I definitely got a little choked up reading through all of these cards. I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!
Last night, we headed to Great Escape Beer Works for a MORC Christmas party. It was a blast and we really love their beer. We also had delicious food. I can’t remember where the tacos were from, but they were amazing.
Jesse photobomb.
Jake and I got some new hats. They’re super comfortable! 
We rode our bikes to the party, so that was fun. It was definitely chilly!
I never fell asleep last night. Ugh. It’s been a LONG time since that has happened. It’s going to make for a long day! I knocked out a 5AM workout class, where I got DRENCHED, and now I’m off to sub for the day. I’m sure I’ll be ready for bed when I get home from school.
Happy Wednesday, friends!