Worn out + whoops + much better!

I can’t get enough of this breakfast scramble lately. YUM.
I subbed yesterday and about 3 minutes into my drive to school, I realized I had forgotten the dang lunch I had packed. Soooo, I sprinted into a gas station and grabbed this. I’m definitely not used to grabbing my lunch in the mornings anymore.
I was in a 5th grade classroom yesterday, which I loved. My very first year of teaching was 5th grade in Hollister, so it was fun to be back with that grade. How cute is this classroom?? I had a really fun day with the kids. I was SO tired from not sleeping at all the night before, and starving from not grabbing my lunch, but the day went by quickly!
How I felt about having to wear real pants TWO days this week…
I used one of the meats that Mighty Spark sent me for our dinner last night. Holy yum. This was seriously incredible. It had such a good, sweet flavor. It was perfect for the acorn squash. I’d love this is so many other recipes too – especially that spaghetti squash recipe I make. I will have to get more of this! Definitely a favorite (and this was the first one from them that I tried…)
While the acorn squash was baking, I cooked onion, the meat from Mighty Spark, half an apple, and a handful of cherries tomatoes.
All that goodness went into each half of the acorn squash.
I didn’t want a salad (I inhaled a bag of tortilla chips when I got home from school #balance), but here is the finished product! I added cheese to the top of Jake’s squash.
YUM. This was incredible. And easy! If I can come home and cook this after being up all night and spending the day with 28 5th graders, anyone can!
After dinner, I was a zombie on the couch all night. I fell asleep on the couch about 6PM, woke up around 7PM, and then crawled into bed and passed out. I slept from 7PM to 9AM, so my schedule is all weird right now, but I needed to catch up on some sleep! I don’t know why I didn’t sleep Tuesday night, but that used to be something I battled every week. Insomnia is the WORST. 
I had another breakfast scramble this morning when I finally got out of bed. I’m still really tired, but didn’t want to sleep the day away, so I’m kind of functioning. ; )
We have our Trail Sisters Springfield get-together tonight! If you’re in the area and would like to get to know some of the ladies, contact me or find us on Instagram! We’d love to have you!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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