Lu love + Trail Sister fun + last weekend!

I was pretty worn out yesterday from never falling asleep Tuesday night. I loved some of your suggestions for dealing with insomnia – get up and do something, drink something warm, make a list, drink Calm (I’m totally looking into this), take Melatonin (I do!), spritz lavender on your pillow. I also diffuse lavender oil sometimes. Not sure it helps me, but I love the smell. Lu and I were able to have a pretty lazy day, which was nice. We knocked out laundry and took care of a few things on my To-Do list.
Lunch was the lunch I had packed for when I subbed Wednesday. Since I left the lunch at home, it was nice to have it yesterday. Sesame chicken and veggies.
I have really coarse, thick, curly hair. Whenever I straighten it, I use a mask after shampooing just to make things a little easier. I just got this one and it smells SO good. I left it on for about 6 minutes before rinsing. I love the smell and it really helped keep my crazy hair tame. I ordered it HERE. It’s only $12 and will last me a looong time. 
I wanted a cute picture with Lu. She was not into it. The second picture is her “leave me alone” face. I get it a lot. 
Snack time – carrots and coconut Thai hummus with Sriracha. Mmm. I had our Christmas tree on all day. If I’m going to be home, turning it on is one of the first things I do. I seriously cannot believe Christmas is Tuesday. Wow. 
I had a little glass of wine in my new glass from Jake’s Aunt. Thank you, Michelle! I LOVE this glass. It says Dr. Bradley on one side and Ph.inisheD on the other.
Trail Sisters Springfield had get-together last night! It was SO fun. We went to The Pitch for dinner and it was incredible. Bryan, the owner, got us all set-up in the banquet room, which was amazing. He always goes above and beyond for his customers. Most of the girls hadn’t been to his restaurant before, so I was stoked to see what they thought. (Spoiler: they loved it). I started off with the Brussels appetizer. It’s SO good.
I had the Sweet & Spicy pizza and it was HOT! I was on fire after eating it. It was super delicious. All of the girls loved their food. Jake ate all of my leftovers when I got home, ha!
These ladies are awesome. We had a few who had prior engagements, so we will definitely schedule another get-together. We are running Saturday, so if you’re a lady and you’d like to join us for some trail time, find us on Instagram (HERE) and Facebook (HERE). We’d love to have you!
Jake was at 4 By 4 with some friends, so I stopped by to say hello before going home. We can’t wait to celebrate their one year anniversary this weekend!
We have a family Christmas dinner tonight, a Trail Sister run tomorrow (ladies, come join us!), and then we are spending Saturday with my parents going to a new place here in town. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Can you believe it’s the last weekend before Christmas?! Holy cow.
Happy Friday, friends!

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