Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was another crazy one, but that seems to be pretty typical this time of year. There is always something fun to do or someone to see. I cannot believe tonight is Christmas Eve!

Let’s rewind…this little angel girl had a hard time getting up Friday morning…

I can’t stop eating this. I’d love to hear some of your favorite breakfasts!! Maybe I need to branch out. 
The race photos from the Back 40 trail races were sent to us Friday morning. Since I just did the 5K, I only have finish line photos, but it sure was fun to finish first female! Now to get myself healthy and back to running…I’m having some strange knee stuff right now. I’m thinking it’s related to my ankle sprain last month, but we will see. 
I had my pockets so jammed full of stuff that my vest was tight. I hate wearing gloves when I run, so they’re the first things I strip off.
This picture makes me laugh. It looks like he’s telling a joke…”you shoulda seen the other guy…”
You all know mountain biking terrifies me. I am impressed by the things Jake can do on a bike!
I headed to my parents’ Friday morning to workout. When I got there, my Mom said she hadn’t wrapped any Christmas presents and was feeling a little stressed, so I offered to help. Before I started to wrap, I made Lu try on my niece’s new one-piece. She looks much happier in this picture than she really was…
I wrapped presents for my Mom from about 11 until 4. She tends to go a little overboard with presents…there are a ton behind the table, too.
Later Friday night, we met my birth mom and some of her awesome foster family for dinner. It was a blast! Dawn and I drank some of the biggest margaritas. They were delicious.
Dawn made me the most beautiful blanket for Christmas. I am OBSESSED. It’s so cozy and means so much to me. Lu has already stolen it…
Our minds were blown Friday night. Did you know there’s a certain kind of corn that we use to make popcorn? I had NO clue. Dawn and her boyfriend gave us some to try. It’s actually called Popcorn. So cool! They said we just put these ears of corn into the microwave and the kernels pop right off. We can’t wait to try it!
I got to run Saturday morning! I had some knee pain that started about half a mile in, but it didn’t feel like an injury pain, just like something was off, so I ran a little over 5.5 with the Springfield Trail Sisters. I had a waffle before I met up with them. 
I was SO happy to be on trail and to be running. Now to figure out why my knee is hurting…
We are missing about 7 girls from this picture, but we had such a fun group! We have all levels of runners, so if you’re interested in joining us, you totally should! We will run again Saturday (12/29). If you search for Trail Sisters Springfield on Facebook, you can join our private group. We post in there other times that we are running, so we always have someone to run with!
Saturday afternoon, we met my parents for lunch at Pappo’s. I LOVE their salad, so my Mom and I both had one. 
Then we headed to the Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium and Museum. I loved getting to see all of the animals. The otters and penguins were my favorite.
One of our favorite places, 4 By 4 Brewing Company, celebrated their one year anniversary all day Saturday, so we made it by there to say hello!
Kayla sent me this text Saturday night…
Sunday morning breakfast was so good. Goat cheese makes everything better.
Sunday morning, Jake wanted to go mountain biking. I went with him, just to see if I would enjoy it any more than I have in the past. I sipped on some Nuun while we rode. (Well, Jake rode…I walked my bike…)
Turns out, I still don’t really enjoy mountain biking. I think I’m going to sell my mountain bike and just ride my road/gravel bike that will be coming in soon!! I can’t wait for that.
(For any bike people, yes, we moved that bag. I couldn’t remember where it went, HA!)
Sunday afternoon, we headed to Great Escape Beer Works for a fun run they were putting on. I didn’t run, so Lu and I hung out inside and I enjoyed their stout. They make some delicious beer. They provided free pasta to all the runners! How awesome is that?? Lu loves it there. 
Jake used our new Kamado Joe last night to grill some steaks. Our friend, Jesse, stopped by to eat with us. Lu was in Heaven.
Our friend, Marissa, made us a huge basket of Christmas goodies. This bread was one of those goodies – holy yum. It’s amazing!!
We have Christmas with my family tonight! I’m making sweet potato chili to take over there for us to have for dinner. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve! <3 
Happy Monday, friends!

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