Knee stuff + sensing a pattern + girl time!

I’ve been battling some knee pain for the past few weeks. I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I think it’s related to my ankle sprain last month. Maybe? It’s a weird pain, though, because it comes and goes. I’m seeing my chiropractor again today, so hopefully I can get some answers. I headed out for a run yesterday morning after having a waffle. The knee pain started after just half a mile last Saturday during my run, so I was anxious to see what would happen yesterday.
I was pain free for two whole miles!! I’m hoping that’s a sign of improvement.
I told you most of my Christmas presents revolved around caffeine, pineapples, and running. Well, check out these adorable new pineapple pieces I got! Coasters, towels, napkins, and a cute decoration.
Here are some of my coffee goodies – comfy jammies, an adorable sign, and a new tree ornament. I love everything SO much.
Breakfast after my run yesterday was a massive egg and veggie scramble.
My towel made me cook brussels. ; ) It says, “Every Day I’m Brusselin’ “
I meal prepped a little yesterday, too. Here’s our breakfast casserole for the rest of the week. I threw a bunch of leftover veggies into this, so it was super easy and we won’t waste food. Win-win. 
Trying to do abs with Lu in the house is nearly impossible.
I wore my Oofos ALL day. I love them.
I didn’t sit down until about 4:30 yesterday, so I was excited to relax with a bath bomb and my book.
Still obsessed with my shoes.
I had dinner plans last night, but got hungry before we all met up, so I snacked on a chicken tender and some pickles.
It was rainy and gross out last night, so I threw on a hat. Jake calls me Indiana Jones whenever I wear this hat.
I took my Mom, my friend, Adrienne, and her Mom, June, to Progress last night. It’s new here in town and it’s SO fun.
The four of shared The Taste of Progress, which is a pre-planned menu with favorite items from the staff. It’s a meal set up for two people, but the four of us wanted to try small bites of a bunch of things, so we shared all of those items and ordered two additional items. Everything was amazing. Here are some pictures of the delicious foods we tried.
This dessert was incredible. I can’t remember all the details, but it’s called Milk and Honey. Get it if you go to Progress. YUM.
I love our Momma/Daughter dates! We stayed out until after 11PM! I couldn’t believe it. We were just having so much fun together.
My graduation pictures were sent to me yesterday! What a fun day. I hope I never forget this graduation. Having my Dad hood me was one of the best things. <3
I’m off to see my chiropractor, fingers crossed she can fix me. I want to jump into marathon training next week…
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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    I have experienced knee pain too for the last two weeks and it was some sort of unbearable pain that I felt. Actually, I was left with no words but “ouch!” because I don’t know how to deal with the situation. But God was so good that he did not let me suffer too much. On the other hand, I am happy to see that you have experienced all these things. Having a time for yourself is really important, especially nowadays that a lot of people have been forgetting the idea of self-love. It’s important to always have time for yourself.

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