Knee update + TRX for YOU + elk

Knee update: my chiropractor thinks it’s my joint capsule flaring up. Sooo, it’s treatable! (Worst case scenario, it’s my meniscus. We are not going down that road yet!) Fingers crossed things continue to improve. I miss long runs!

When you wake up from a nap and don’t know where you are or what day it is…have you seen that meme? Lu makes me think of it A LOT.

Breakdast casserole and a waffle.
These are some of the trails that Trail Sisters Springfield spends time on! If you’re a lady who loves to run, come join us!
Also, if you want to sign-up for any of the Go Girl races, now is the time! You can get 15% off with the code Chelsea15. These are some of my favorite races. You get the coolest swag! Go HERE to sign-up!
Lunch was leftover steak from the other night and brussels. I felt weird having steak for lunch. It’s so heavy, I feel like it’s a dinner meat. Anyone else?
These TRX straps are amazing. They can go over any door that closes and become totally secure. I love it. I set the straps up on our front door yesterday because I was cold and didn’t want to be mess with the heater in our garage. THESE are the straps I have. 
I kept putting my workout off yesterday. I finally made myself put on workout clothes, but I kept my robe on over them because I was cold. I got this robe from Jake’s Grandma. I LOVE it. She has gotten me a robe for the last Two Christmases. This new robe came at the perfect time because my old one had a hole in it. Thank you, Rosa Lee!!!
I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to write my own workout, so I used THIS one. It was only 25 minutes and I loved it. Here are some of my favorite TRX moves. The squat, super basic, but I love using it to warm-up. I progress to a jump squat when my knees aren’t being stupid.
Mountain Climbers with the straps are fun, too. They’re a good way to get your heart rate up.
This is probably my all-time favorite, but I don’t do it if my knees are bothering me. The front squat. You squat down and jump up (you can skip the jump and just come back up to modify). These really get your heart rate up!
I love TRX abs. They are tough, but they work. Just holding a plank really activates your core. I could tell yesterday that I’ve lost a lot of my strength from not using my straps enough. 2019 will be the year of TRX! 
I like to also pull my knees in. I’ll alternate between fast and slow.
This move makes my hip flexors BURN. You just slowly move your legs in and out. I hold for about 2-3 seconds in each position.
A super tough TRX move – the Pike. I love this one, too. You start in a plank and pull your legs toward your chest, keeping your hips/butt in the air. You go up and come down slowly. Burn, burn, burn.
We got some elk for Christmas (thank you, Mitch!), so I made meatballs with some last night. We had homemade pizza, so I thought these would be good on top – they were!
I grabbed pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce. It tasted super good, but definitely got a little more watery than pizza sauce does. 
I put mushrooms, onions, mozzarella cheese, and meatballs on the pizza crust. Before it was baked…
And after. Yummmmmm.
After dinner, I lounged on the couch and read while enjoying the lights from our tree. I am almost finished with this book, which is what I’m going to use during my next marathon training plan. I am going to use what this book says to create a plan for myself. I’m excited to get started on it. I’m hoping to get my plan written this weekend. 
Trail Sisters Springfield are running tomorrow morning – find us HERE if you’d like to join!
Happy Friday, friends!

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