Weekend Wrap-up!

How is tomorrow 2019?! This year has FLOWN by. 2018, you have been SO good to me. This year I got to marry my best friend, defend my dissertation, finish my first marathon, and graduate with my PhD. Here’s to 2019, friends!
This 2018 Goals sheet has been hanging on our fridge since 1/1/18. It was fun to look back over these as the year comes to an end. Jake took some liberties with my goals and wrote notes/drew pictures…HA! He also made a Love goal to “Love my husband…”

I met a lot of my goals! I crossed off the ones that I met. I think I ended this year with 50% Paleo and I definitely did NOT do abs 6 times a week. Jake’s note by that goal says I did that maybe 6 times the whole year. He’s sassy. I am excited to document my 2019 Goals! You can find the template HERE

Breakfast casseroles are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to prep. They’re SO simple. 
I hit up the Y Friday morning. I did the elliptical and the stair master. How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days was playing when I started my workout. Yes, please! I love that movie. 
Leftover sweet potato chili for lunch. I made a mess warming this up. 
Lu was sleeping on her front paws in the cutest way. 
UGH. I had just gotten my nails done the day before I did this. I slammed my hand into our garage door and broke off my pointer finger nail. I was so mad. 
Jake’s parents gave this to me for Christmas. YUM. 
Jake was out of town all weekend mountain biking, so I met some girls for dinner Friday night. It was super cold out, so I wore one of my favorite long sweaters. This sweater is SO comfortable and cozy. I got it at Forever 21 a LOOOONG time ago. 
We had sushi for dinner and enjoyed some girl time!
After dinner, we stopped by Great Escape Beer Works for some delicious beer. I LOVE their stout. 
I can really relate to this right now. I haven’t been getting up like I used to and I miss it. It’s been really hard for me to get out of bed lately! I miss my early morning routine. I’m going back to it in 2019!
Saturday morning started with some coffee on the road to meet the Springfield Trail Sisters for a run. 
It was a beautiful morning to be out on the trail! We did 4 miles and I had NO knee pain!! I’m hoping that means things are improving. I’ve been rolling, stretching, and using a lacrosse ball to work out any knots. Fingers crossed! 
I was starving after our run, so I went home, chowed down, changed, and headed to my sister’s baby shower!
I fail
ed to get very many pictures, but how precious is this headband and bootie set? 
Lunch after the shower was a lot of leftovers. 
Followed by couch cuddles with Lu. 
My friend, Jyssica, called me Saturday night right as I was getting ready to meet my family for dinner. I invited her to go with us, so we met my family for some Mexican. I had a spicy margarita that was pretty delicious along with a taco salad. 
My sister wanted dessert, so we all shared sopapillas. 
After dinner, everyone came back to my house and we chatted. My family left about 8:30 and Jyssica and I hung out until after 11! Neither of us ever stays up that late! It was just so good to see her and get caught up. Not really sure how this is comfortable for Lu…
Sunday morning I had breakfast, then headed to the Y to swim. Man, swimming is TOUGH. I swam laps for a little bit then pool ran for a little bit. I kept getting bored, so I eventually just sat in the sauna. 
Another lunch of leftovers. We didn’t waste any food last week, so I’m happy about that. Also, this lunch was delicious.
I just got ROAR in the mail yesterday. I read through the first chapter and loved it! I can’t wait to read more.
Jyss sent me this picture yesterday. I miss Aspen!
Jake didn’t get home until yesterday evening, so I did a lazy dinner. Oatmeal with PB and honey and a protein shake.
This is all I prepped yesterday. Breakfast casserole with broccoli, veggie sausage, and goat cheese. I’ll knock out lunches on Tuesday or Wednesday.
We are having some people over tonight for a relaxing NYE celebration. It will be fun to stay in our sweats and hang out! Plus, we are having pizza. Win-win. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful last day of 2018! See you in 2019!

Happy Monday, friends!

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