NYE + midweek wrap-up!

I always feel conflicted when I wear a brewery hat while working out. Do I drink water or beer? ; )
I was killing the leftover game this week. A new obsession – any type of cooked veggies, on top of bread or a tortilla, topped with melted cheese. Yum.
My SIL shared this picture from our wedding. I love it!
I am SO pumped about this training journal. I got one for Jake for Christmas and then realized I wanted one, too. Jake’s parents got me one for one of my own presents. I started filling it out yesterday and I love it! Two of my presents came in late, so Jake and I picked them up Monday afternoon.
This was another present from my amazing in-laws. I am going to be SO ready for this race season. The marathon definitely hurts, but I know part of my pain and cramping came from not getting in enough fluids. I’m going to fix that this time around. I’m excited to see what other things I can implement to help me get to the finish line!
We had friends over for NYE, so I got to use some cute party napkins and stir sticks that my Mom had gotten me LAST Christmas.
We told everyone to come in their comfy clothes. My slippers matched my top. I was very cozy.
Jake’s parents inspired me to make Jell-O shots, so I made three flavors. They went super fast because they were so good! Jake’s Dad made some for their own party, so I folllwed his recipe. Yum!
We had some of the best food! Our friends, Michael and Kindal, brought Sriracha Honey Meatballs. I think I ate the whole crockpot…
Lu made herself a bed under the table where we were all playing games.
We played What Do You Meme and it was hilarious.
Seconds before midnight, I had a champagne bottle explode all over me. It shot straight into my eyes, soaked my hair, drenched my clothes….so here’s the best NYE picture we got, ha! Great send-off of 2018…the champagne burned my eyes so bad, it took me awhile to be able to open them.
2019 started with our Mug Club brunch at Brew Co. The food is always delicious. How cool are our new mugs? We got to keep the 2018 mugs and we got t-shirts and shot glasses.
We brought our training journals with us to work on goals and our training plans.
This is one of my favorite pictures from my journal.
After brunch, we went home and watched the Cam Zink documentary. He’s an amazing mountain biker and I love his wife (I follow her on IG). You can watch the documentary HERE. He’s one tough dude. Lu and I cuddled while we watched. 
We took a family walk before dinner.
We had leftover pizza for dinner.
After dinner, we wrote 2019 goals and shared them. We will put them on our fridge so we see them every day. Lu pulled my blanket onto the ground and made a bed for herself.
Before bed, we shared some bourbon and played card games. I won two out of the three games we played. They were tough games!! War, Slap Jack, and Go Fish. ; )
Today is day 1 of marathon training! Well, it’s a watered down day 1. I’m easing into training adn slowly building up my weekly mileage. My knee/ankle situation is a million times better, and I see my chiropractor again today. I ran 4 miles with absolutely ZERO pain this morning. I am so ready to be back to serious training. I miss the routine/consistency. I ended up having about two months off after my marathon, so I know that was good for me – physically and mentally, but I am itching for some more miles!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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