Hopeful + bye bye Christmas + ladies, get this book.

From where I was two weeks ago, I am pleased with how marathon training has started! Yes, I’d like to be running more miles, but jumping back into high mileage weeks isn’t going to get me to the starting line healthy. I’m using the next three weeks to build my base back up, then I’ll start adding more miles/intensity. I’m keeping my miles to the treadmill and the trails right now. I think the cushier surfaces will be good for my ankle and knee. I had 4 wonderful, pain-free miles yesterday morning. I also knocked out my first real run on my new baby. This treadmill, the X11i, is AMAZING.
I heard this song yesterday and liked the beat. It’s dirty, so not for little ears!
I meal prepped for the rest of this short week yesterday. Sesame ginger chicken and coconut amino veggies. I think this entire prep, cook time included, took 50 minutes.
I knocked out a bunch of different things yesterday. Laundry is done and all of our Christmas stuff is put away back into the attic. I always get sad when I put away the Christmas decorations. I never want the Christmas season to end!

Dinner was delicious and super easy. Green bean spaghetti with elk meatballs. Yum. Jake had a salad and we both had garlic bread. I love green bean spaghetti. There’s something super delicious about the mixture of green beans and marinara sauce.

I topped our green bean spaghetti with goat cheese.
I ordered some new bath bombs and finally used one last night. These smell heavenly. I ordered these HERE
I used the Calm bomb last night (the cream colored one). I can’t wait to try the others!
At 7:30, I was already in bed, in my jammies. I am LOVING this book. Ladies, if you ever struggle with periods, training, and/or nutrition, this book is for you. I’m only in the third chapter, but I’ve already learned so much.
Girlfriends, we NEED carbs!
This is something I need to work on. I typically have a waffle or something if my workout is 10 or more miles, but I don’t get in enough protein before those types of workouts. The hourly real food rule makes sense, but will be difficult during a marathon. I’m excited to see what else she says about this topic. 
I put this pace chart up in front of my treadmill. I usually use one on my phone, but this is much easier to access.
I was proud of myself this morning. I have been feeling really good (back to normal), so instead of my planned 3 miles, I was going to knock out 5. I hit 3.1 and decided that no, I am NOT going to pull a Chelsea. I’m going to use these weeks to build and recover, like I have planned. I am so bad about wanting to jump back into training when I feel healed. Could I have done 5? Sure. Would doing so risk irritating my ankle/knee. Yep. It’s not worth it right now to risk that kind of stuff. So, I didn’t run 5. I walked to 3.5 and then had breakfast. Smarts – 1; Chelsea – 0. ; )
I have a social media friend who lives in this area, her name is Mary and she’s SO sweet. Well, she had been posting pictures of her lifting and I was impressed. I reached out to her and told her that I love to lift, but struggle with variety – I tend to do the same moves over and over again. She said she’s been writing plans for some of her friends (how cool is that?). Well, she added me to the group last week! I did one of her workouts Monday and it was so good. I have another lifting workout to do today (thank you, Mary!), then I’ll stretch, roll, and soak. I have a massage tomorrow – I got a gift certificate for Christmas from Jake’s family – and I cannot wait!!!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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