Nuun + my next marathon + treadmill tips!

I am excited to be on Team Nuun for another year! I get discount codes to share with friends and family occasionally, so make sure you’re following on Instagram (@chelseakbradley) to get the code! I’ll also do some more giveaways this year. Nuun is delicious and a staple for staying hydrated in our home. 
Lunch was delicious. Sesame ginger chicken, veggies with coconut aminos and topped with nutritional yeast, plus a piece of toast with melted cheese on the side.
Guys, I pulled the trigger. Marathon #2 is scheduled! I’ll share a list of all the races I want to do this year next week! Also, if you know of any fun races I should I do, hit me up! I have heard really great things about this marathon, so I know it’ll be a good one. 
Lu had a pretty busy day full of naps, eating, and cuddles.
A girlfriend sent me this question about treadmills. Since it’s winter and the outdoors can be crazy right now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite treadmill tricks. My favorite tricks to make treadmill time go by quickly are playing around with speed and adjusting the incline. For me, changing those two things seem to make the time fly by. I love to see how fast I can on a treadmill. Obviously I’m not doing that right now, but once I’m back to feeling 100%, I’ll for sure do lost of speed work on the treadmill. Also, it sounds silly, but checking my form helps me SO much. Checking my form really helps me mentally. If I’m struggling on the treadmill or wanting to cut a run short, checking my form and seeing that I look strong motivates. It’s a reminder that my brain will give up way before my body does. We need to get a massive mirror in our garage now that our treadmill is out there. 
I used another one of the goodies that Mighty Spark sent me. It was incredible. Definitely one that we will get again. This Italian sausage had prosciutto mixed in, so it was crazy flavorful. YUM. I love this ravioli from Rising Moon, too. Cooking this dinner took 20 minutes – that’s it! 
Jake’s plate was much prettier than mine. I didn’t feel like a salad and wasn’t in the mood for any red sauce.
My plate was delicious, but definitely not as pretty as Jake’s.
We watched a really neat documentary on Netflix last night. It’s called Meant to be Broken. It’s all about Karl Meltzer and his journey to attempt to break the Appalachian Trail speed running record. The record when he wanted to beat was 2,188 miles in 46 days, 8 hours, and 6 minutes. How crazy is that?? Can you imagine? I cannot. At all. The documentary shows how his crew met him along the entire trail, what he ate, some of the injuries he encountered, and many, many highs and lows. It was a good flick! If you don’t have Netflix, you can watch it HERE for free! 
While we watched, Jake used the lacrosse ball to work out trigger points and I worked on some ankle and foot strength with my bands. I have THESE.
Beyond stoked about these awesome shirts for Springfield Brew Co’s Mug Club. We sure have some amazing beer here in town.
I realized I was sitting super weird in the couch last night, but it was so comfy. Really lady like, too.
This made me laugh SUPER hard.
Ladies, we are running Saturday (tomorrow) – Tr
ail Sisters Springfield is
on Facebook HERE – join our group and find all the details! I’m off to get a massage! Eek!
Happy Friday, friends!

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