Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday morning was SO wonderful. It started with breakfast, followed by a facial and a massage. HUGE thank you to my amazing in-laws for the best Christmas present!

I had a facial first. My skin felt incredible and looked so much healthier after. Then it was massage time! I love Acacia. Thank you, Jeff and Penny!!
After my facial and massage, I made two smoothies and headed over to my friend Jyssica’s house for the afternoon. I asked if she wanted smoothies and she said, “the caramel one you’ve been talking about?!” So, I took that as a yes. Thanks for reading my blog, Jyss!

For dinner, Jyss. Jake, and I went to Galloway. Galloway had been closed for the holidays (good for them!), so we were really missing their food. I had the Trail Burger, which has bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce. YUM.
Saturday morning meant Trail Sister time! It was chilly when we started, so I wore the beanie Jyss gave me for after my marathon.
Guys, this was my first run on pavement in a LONG time. It was also my longest run. I had ZERO pain!!! I was so happy. A little too happy…we ran our first few miles a little fast, ha! We did 6 miles, but by 4, we were both struggling to keep up our pace. Oh well! It just felt so good to be running with my friends again!
Starting my Saturday with these amazing women is one of my favorite things. We’d love to have you come join us! We have new ladies showing up each week. It’s awesome! Find us HERE.
After our run, we all grabbed coffee and breakfast together.
After breakfast, I came home to soak. For lunch, I threw together a bunch of random leftovers and made a bowl of deliciousness. I do not like bananas when they are like this, but my container for frozen bananas for smoothies was full, so I ate this one. I like bananas when they have JUST turned yellow. Luckily, Lu loves bananas, so I shared this one with her.
These sunglasses are so goofy looking on me, but they’re cute, so I wear them. I love Goodr glasses.
Jake’s cousin’s birthday was last week, so we went to his birthday dinner on Saturday. Look at all this delicious food. Everything was so good!
Chelsea #1 and her bread. Very serious business.
For Christmas, I got two pair of Oofos – I got the sandals and these shoes. I’ve been wearing the sandals around the house, but it’s so nice to have these shoes to wear out. They’re SO comfy!
We had cookie cake for dessert. I definitely had more than one piece…maybe three…
My sister-in-law got me this sweatshirt for Christmas. Haha!! It’s says, “Does it matter what kind of doctor I am?” I laughed way too hard when she gave this to me.
I got to the grocery store at 8AM Sunday morning. I love getting to the grocery store right when it opens. It’s peaceful.
Groceries finsihed by 8:30!
This is one of my favorite breakfasts in the winter. I like to add egg whites to my oatmeal (or steel cut oats). It’s a good way to get some protein in! You make your oats like normal, and just add in 3TBS of egg whites (or a whole egg) before cooking. If you do a whole egg, make sure you mix everything together really well! Then cook everything like normal.
I add whatever toppings I want, typically half a banana, almond butter, and honey.
Some serious meal prep went down Sunday morning. I prepped steel cut oats for the week, snacks, sweet potatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, chicken, and brownie energy bites.
A few of Jake’s lunches – BBQ chicken sandwiches and veggies. 
I went to a fun run at Great Escape Beer Works in the afternoon yesterday. My friend, Michelle, met me at my house and we ran to the run together. I literally finished meal prepping 3 minutes before she came over. It was perfect timing and felt so good to have all of that finished! We ran to the brewery, met the group, and ran with them. It was a blast! Lu got to go, too. For doing the run, we got $1 off of a pint after! Below is part of the group.
After the run, we were hungry, so Michelle and I went with two of our other friends who had been at the run (Chris and Brittany) and grabbed lunch at Galloway. Michelle and I shared the veggie burger. Jake had been on a mountain bike ride, but he met us when he got back into town.
Week 1 marathon training is in the books! II can’t believe I’m saying that. I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to start running this week. I feel back to normal! My ankle is still a little tender (which is what I think was causing issues other places), but I’m taking care of it and doing things to strengthen it. That stupid ankle sprain (which was totally my fault)! I LOVE m
y new Believe training journal. Not sure if you can read this, I’m usually rushing as I write in it, but I wanted to share what the inside looks like. I love the layout. I write my lifting and my runs in here. 
Jake and I played some pretty serious ping pong before we ate dinner last night. He won. All three games.
I was craving my favorite brussels, so we had them with tilapia and garlic bread for dinner last night.
It somehow slipped my mind that classes start next week. NEXT WEEK. I’m teaching 3 college courses this semester, so I need to get those planned and ready to go. One of them is a hybrid, so part of it is on campus. I’m excited about that! I don’t know how much I’ll be able to sub once the semester starts because things get kind of crazy, but we will see.
Happy Monday, friends!

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