A little throwback + tired pup + some things for you: band work & treadmill runs.

I shared my 2019 races yesterday (HERE), which got me thinking about some of my past races. I wanted to share two of them. This first one is from 2011. I had taken a break from running after high school cross country. When I moved back home my sophomore year of college, I started running more regularly again. My Dad and I did some 5ks together, and this is from one of them! I also used to dye my hair super blonde…
This second race is one I’m proud of. This was my last race as a 28 year old (from 2017). Run the Rock is a 6 mile, crazy hilly run. I wanted to slow down and/or throw-up after just a half mile, but I didn’t, and pushing through the pain and desire to quit paid off in the end. I have hurt in races before, but I think this one really made me realize the importance of not giving up. I also realized that I CAN do hard things. 
Steel cut oats and egg whites in my penguin jammies. My Mom gave me these for Christmas. They’re so comfy!
I’ve been working on getting my glutes activated before my runs. I found the best 2 minute video on WAHOO! Running’s page. HERE. They use bands to activate your glutes and get them ready for a run. I did the video yesterday and loved it!
Lu joined me for my easy miles!
Man, I struggled to keep my paces slow yesterday. I know the slower miles will pay off, especially when I start doing my hard runs, but it’s going to take some getting used to. I really want a leash that goes around my waist. My arm gets tired from holding onto Lu. Does anyone have one they recommend?
I had one worn out girl on my hands. As soon as we walked in the door and I took Lu’s harness off, she curled up and passed out.
I was craving nachos yesterday, so I made a semi-healthy version of BBQ chicken nachos for lunch. They were delicious.
I had a friend ask me for some treadmill workouts, so sent her these. This teal one is one of my favorites. I’ve done it a few times. Like I said on my treadmill trick post, playing around with speed and the incline really help the time go by. I think this is from Hungry Runner Girl. 
I haven’t done these other two, but this first one looks like it would be great for someone just getting back into running since they incorporate a little walking, too.
This last one has some slower miles mixed in with incline work.
We had another goodie from Mighty Spark last night. These were delicious. Jake absolutely loved them.
Goat cheese on asparagus is life-changing. Well, goat cheese on pretty much anything is life-changing…
These babes joined me for some easy miles this morning. It was 21 when we started – BRR! Super thankful for friends who will wake up at 4AM to run with me!
I didn’t sleep well again last night. UGH. Not sure what my deal is this week. I’ll get it figured out. Hopef
ully. My Grandma gave me some GABA Calm to take, so I’ve been trying that. Fingers crossed for good sleep tonight! I’m subbing today in an ELL (English Language Learner) classroom, so that’ll at least keep me from sleeping the day away. I hope. ; )
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Ummm … your mom MUST share where she got the pajamas from. Also, I have a friend who is big into running with her dogs so I will check to see if she has a favorite leash that she wears around her waist. If I find it out I will message it to you! Hope you’re having a great week!

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