My favorite protein powder + sleep help + weekend fun!

My favorite breakfast date. He seems less amused by our food than I do. Typical. Also, robe life is the best life.
I have heard back from so many people about them adding egg whites to their oats! Isn’t it a game changer?! I add 3 TBS of egg whites to my oats before I cook them, then I just cook like normal. Easy peasy!
I was DRAGGING yesterday. I subbed a half day (PM), so I was super tempted to sleep for 3 hours or so when Jake left for work. I never slept Monday night and only got a few hours Wednesday night, so things have been a little wacky for me. I decided that a nap might make things worse, so I pushed through. I allowed myself to enjoy a cup of coffee and Netflix, then I lifted, stretched, and soaked. I had these goodies after I lifted. I love mixing collagen into my yogurt.
This is hands-down my favorite protein powder. It’s DELICIOUS.
I wish I would’ve been this clever when I was in the classroom full-time! This reminder would have helped my kiddos so much. I love it.
I have been measuring my food this week just to get a handle on portions. I splurged (and enjoyed it!) over the holidays, so I like to measure for a few days to get back on track. This lunch was less than 400 calories (which I couldn’t believe) but I could hardly eat it all! I was STUFFED when I finished. I just threw a bunch of leftovers into a bowl – quinoa, broccoli, butternut squash, chicken, coconut aminos, and hot sauce.
This is where I ended for the day! I feel really good when I get this close to my macros without checking them as I’m logging. I don’t strictly track, so if I’m a little off somewhere, it’s no biggie.
When you are so sleep deprived that not even an espresso cold brew helps…you smile through the hallucinations. Ha! Help. This picture is trippy. 
I subbed for an ELL (English Language Learner) specialist yesterday, so I was just popping in and out of classrooms, working with different kiddos. It was fun! I had some free time, so I got to read for about 30 minutes.
What are the odds this is in the chapter I read the week I don’t sleep for TWO nights? Total God thing. Definitely bought both of those things at the grocery store yesterday. Desperation, my friends. Desperation.
My Mom got me a sample pack of these lip glosses for Christmas. I LOVE them. And the name makes me laugh (Sexy Mother Pucker). They’re super light in color, but stay on really well. They’re a plumper, which I don’t really think does much, but I have super small lips, so maybe it’s just me.
Isnt cabbage pretty?
We had elk tacos for dinner last night. They were amazing. I was definitely starting to drag by dinner time. No sleep this week has been brutal.
I also made some guac. I used three avocados and we ate ALL of it. Also, these are our favorite tortilla chips – blue corn all the way. 
I drank tart cherry juice and took a valerian root capsule about 30 minutes before I went to bed. I’m not a huge cherry fan, but this juice was delicious. I slept SO well. Thank goodness. I woke up pretty tired, but I’m sure I just need another night or two of good sleep and I’ll feel back to normal.
This is me. All the time. Sometimes I make facial expressions and I don’t even realize I’m doing it. It did help when I was a teacher, though, because my kiddos could read me and fix whatever they were doing (if they wanted to…). Ha!
I picked up another half day of subbing today. I didn’t want to nap today and I knew I would if I didn’t go do something. I’m in a 3rd grade classroom later, so that’ll be fun!

We are supposed to get some pretty nasty weather here this weekend, so I’m waiting to see if we will still run trail/have the volunteer orientation or not. Fingers crossed we can still do both!

I have my first workout run for this new training plan on Sunday. I’m excited! Can’t wait to tell you all about it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get to run it outside…

Happy Friday, friends!

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